Monday, October 17, 2011

And Poof! She Was Gone

Showed up for day two of the festival and the jam lady had packed up shop and busted out.

Odd, that.

She made such a big deal of being alowed into the festival after the deadline date because she knew so many people on the organizing committee and she'd done it for years in a row. When we all left, she'd already shut down for the night and everything was stored right on site. She must have come back later that night or in the morning and just packed up with no one around.

It was most likely because she couldn't find someone to watch her kids for a second day, but I did find it rather odd.

However, I'm sure the people that will now not get ill from her improper canning will not have their feelings hurt.

DID have some chicken and waffles at the festival yesterday. Nothin' says southern love like chicken and waffles. I made just about $200 in profits for Relay for Life yesterday - and when that's coming from 4-6 dollar keychains, that's not too bad. Yesterday I also finished an order for 14 Bus Driver Appreciation keychains for a local elementary school. I love making people happy and raising money at the same time.

The morning comes early. Can your jams and jellies right, my friends.


  1. Very odd that she wasn't there. Congratulations of the profit :)

  2. Your post title reminded me of the scene from The Usual Suspects, Poof just like that, and he was gone.

  3. ROFL!! I'm finally able to catch up and I had to go back to see what this "jam lady"s" story was. She was selling at a BOOTH?!! I loved it when you said you "stepped up the questioning on head space", oh, my computer troubles are causing me to miss out on too much fun! I bet she packed it up LOL....

  4. Maybe the organizers need to get a bit of an earful, since she wasn't available. Hmmmm. Seems a little suspicious.