Sunday, October 30, 2011

Cats and Mice

This weekend, the boy and the man had their first Boy Scout campout ever. I was nervous for them. It rained Friday night and they had frost warnings both Friday and Saturday night, but when they called last night, it seemed everything was going well. The boy couldn't stop playing to talk and the man seemed like he had teamed up with some of the other dads and caught the Georgia/Florida game on the radio. GO Dawgs!

I asked the girl what she wanted to do when the boys were gone:
G: You could paint my nails.
R: Yes, I could do that.
G: Then we could vacuum.
R: I suppose we could.
G: OOH! Can we do laundry?!

That's when I decided an intervention was necessary. Instead of domesticated chores (which we completed when we got home regardlessly) we picked up her grandmother and went to the Center for Puppetry Arts in Atlanta. They have a whole Jim Henson museum with an entire Big Bird, Ernie and several other puppets. My favorite was Dr. Teeth, oh yes it was. We went to see a production of "Silly Hollow." It was cute, but I think she got rather bored in parts. They wouldn't allow pictures there at all, so all of our pictures came later when we met her grandfather for lunch at a local 50's style diner.

She loved the juke boxes at each booth.

Here's her best Popeye imitation.
No lunch is complete without trying on Grandma's earings.
We got home and found the man had sent a picture of the boy camping. It looks cold, but he also looks like he was having a great time.
Such it is. We're on our last hour or so of manlessness as the boys will be home soon. Guess I better finish that housework I ignored yesterday.

The morning comes early. Stay warm, my friends.


  1. A fun girls weekend. And I'm glad the boy is enjoying his time out with the guys too. Kids never seem to mind the cold. My grandson from AZ played outside while here all day every day....and it was in the 40's. His mother? Whine Whine WHINE~!!!!!!! (I believe SHE stays home next time)

  2. Sounds like the guys had fun, we had our family camping trip a couple of weeks ago and it was a little chilly too. It is worth the memories though and you son will remember them his whole life.

  3. Sounds fun! We love Johnny Rocket's too :)

  4. I know I'm super late to comment on this, but I wish you were my mommy 'cause that sounds like an awesome girl's day. Also, since I'm back to mostly just working my normal 1.5 jobs, just let me know next time the girl wants her nails done, and Auntie Crazy Nail Polish Lady will roll on over to play beauty parlor.