Monday, August 8, 2011

Lovin' it!

We're using up the positive energy here in the Ribbit household recently and I'm not looking that gift horse in the mouth. Things are plodding along quite nicely and while I remain the hopeless pessimist, I surely can't complain.

Today was the first day of school that included the students. I know I had a blast with pre-planning, but I must say, I just love, love, love my job. (Am I alowed to say that?) I belong in a classroom. Even though it was just the first day and everyone's well behaved and attentive the first day, I was in my element. I do have three 'super seniors,' two of which had me last year, but hopefully we can get them through this time. We've started mandatory tutoring the very first day of school to get these kids going in the right direction. The freshmen get smaller every year the seniors more entitiled, but we'll work that out soon enough.

I must say that the kids in that law class were even more excited than I was. If I can feed off of their energy and actually embody the fact that the class is an elective and the kids chose to be there because they wanted to be there and make my lessons reflect that, then we're going to do great. They seemed really geared up about the second semester contemporary issues class. Thinking now about adding some things about the credit rating and debt ceiling that have been going on.

So, being the first day of school for us all, I'm bowing to peer pressure and posting the obligatory first day of school pictures for the boy and the girl. Yes, they were both up at 5:30 this morning. The boy tried to get up at 2:30, but I convinced him he didn't need 3 hours to throw on a shirt and shorts.
The girl was booted from the state GA Pre-K program because of funding, so we're back to paying for private pre-k for one more year, but you saw in a previous post how much we love the place. My pocketbook is sad, but I know she'll do great there.

On to gardening- the other day I was caught off guard by dinner yet again and threw together a pasta dish that combined my pesto, tomato sauce, frozen zucchini, fresh tomatoes and some ravioli. I then got a wild hair and threw in some shrimp for good measure. Why? Why not?

It looked yummy when finished baking.

However, I think I poisoned the man. Unintentionally, of course.

In other good news, the deck for the pool is finished, negating the need for the fancy ghetto entry system.

It's made an incredible difference. The kids are so glad they can finally jump! It's apparently un-American to have a pool that you can't jump from. Completely unacceptable.

Always looking for ideas for the Law and Contemp Issues classes. I'm writing them all down. Thanks for sending the suggestions that you have!

The morning comes early - yea school, go team! Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. You left us hanging. Is the man sick? Dead? Just how bad was your cooking, Ribbit?

    Happy BTS!

  2. Way to go! Hope it's a super year for all you.

  3. Great picture of the deck. Not sure why you are not able to get funding for Pre K. Is that something specific to your county? My daughter is in GA Pre K and it is still fully funded in our county.

  4. Granny, he was just sick all night. It's been a long, long time since I've done that to him. I was fine, but his stomach is more sensitive.

    THanks, Ma!

    Kris, our county (Barrow) had a lottery. Our local school had two classes, but when they changed the funding in the summer, her class was cut. The county I teach in doesn't have GA pre-k in the schools and the local day cares that offer it are jammed. At least she's in a wonderful school for this last year, even if we do have to pay.

  5. The deck looks wonderful. When do you get out of school we still have 2 weeks until school starts

  6. Do you know how lucky you are to LOVE your job??? That's pretty rare nowadays. I'm glad you enjoy your work and I'm sure it reflects in your teaching too.
    Sorry about the man. Do you poisen him often???

  7. We get out the week before Memorial Day.

    Sue, ask me in three weeks and I won't love it as much, but right now that things are going well, I do. ;) No, I haven't poisoned him in some time. Poor man.

  8. Lovely kids. They seem to be loving brother and sister. I like their photos.

    Kids, be good in school.

    Cassy from Best Online Guitar Lessons

  9. Still PreK? I thought for sure she was kindergarten bound this year! The pool and deck look great!

  10. That pool looks really inviting, Nice job!

  11. Thanks, Cassy, they are good friends.

    Nope, Erin. Last year was 3 yr old prek and this year it's 4 yr old.

  12. They both look so grown up. Especially the boy. Glad your new school year is starting off well.

  13. Y'all start back to school really early. Our schools don't start up until after Labor Day.

  14. That looks delicious!

    Boy, they grow up fast. already? That's crazy. I thought school started in September.

  15. Ha, ha, catching up on your life via the internet! The deck looks amazing! That is wonderful that you got it- no more getting eaten alive by mosquitoes while waiting for the girl to get into the water! Yay!

    The kids looked great on their first day back and I am so glad you are back into the swing of things!