Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Back to the Grind

I haven't gotten a lick done to prepare for the new school year, my room's a mess, I haven't fetched my textbooks from the second floor we've sat in meeting after meeting with most of the information not pertaining to us or receiving conflicting information. We're on day three of pre-planning and I'm happier than a dead hog in the sunshine. For the past two nights I've actually yawned while I was getting ready for bed. Yawned and stretched! It feels so good to be mentally drained by the end of the day as opposed to emotionally and physically. Tomorrow is open house - Wanna take bets on how many students haven't yet done their summer reading?

Man, I love being back at work. It makes me appreciate everything from my family to my garden just that much more. This guy welcomed me home yesterday. I don't know if he's a good guy or a bad guy, but he was beautiful and hung around for quite a long time.
This pal's on my tomatoes on the side yard.

The basil in the other corner yard never really branched much and the stems are turning woody. The basil over here is going gang busters. It's interesting how the same plants do so differently in different parts of the garden - even though they get the same amount of sun. Very cool.

Harvests have been good. Monday before I went to school I picked all of this from the garden and put it in the work room. Tuesday I made a flat egg pie for a meeting. That's Quiche in lay terms. The boy likes hard boiled eggs and the girl likes scrambled or as she calls them 'flat eggs' as opposed to the boy's round eggs, so this was, according to her, a flat egg pie. I put some of the dehydrated tomatoes in it. Very yummy.

This is today's harvest. Tomatoes just keep on coming!
The men were here today to start to build the deck around the pool. It will be nice not to use the shakey ladder anymore. The kids had a blast jumping off the deck tonight. Do you comprehend how completely unacceptable it is for kids to see a pool and not be able to jump in it?

The most awesome thing about construction is there's always a ton of wood left over!!

The guys are leaving it for me. They're small boards, but I can stack them. I have so many beds that are just falling apart and instead of continuing to struggle with them, I'm just going to rebuild them with this material here. Very nice not to have to go out and buy additional wood.

Summer is flexing her muscles; she's grueling and intimidating and one mean, interminable season. We've got football players and coaches dropping out all over the state. Two players and one coach have already died this summer from heat related complications. It's just terrible. Walking outside is akin to taking on a blast furnace while hog tied. Your breath is honestly sucked from your body and you feel the pressure of the humidity in your chest. Parks are empty and tempers are short. Hopefully after this month things will improve. Although, Thomas did make me think when he mentioned the unrelenting darkness of the winters up north. We've all got something. If we have to have one bad season regardless of where we live - I vote we all move to Fiji.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I'm thinking that our winters aren't all that bad. We get a break from gardening. We get to dream and plan. No work, just dreaming about what might be. Isn't that the best of the gardening seasons? Fantasy can be so much fun. And very pretty if it actually snows. Just don't remind me about what I might have wrote in the winter. I'm living the fantasy of what winter is right now.

  2. Don't I know it, Daphne. Then we get the break from the gardening, the occasional winter land and more sunshine. Thinking I need to be Granny and move away from May to September.

  3. Not Fiji!! I can't say enough about our climate, really. It's perfect for me. No sport is worth falling over for, let alone dying! Your harvests look terrific, especially that basil. I could do some good with that -- yum!

  4. My son lives in Mesa, AZ. We had him up in July to get away from the heat and were horrified it was up in the upper 80's that week. Then he reminded us that was their LOWS for the day. EEESSHHH!!! I guess it's all about perspective.
    Your harvests look great. See? Us northerners don't even HAVE tomatoes yet!! (And won't for at least TWO ENDLESS WEEKS) But , I did stock up on bacon this week when it went on sale in anticipation of BLT's every day!!!

  5. Oh the deck looks fantastic! I love it when the garden spiders show up this time of year, I saw the first one out on the tomatoes the other day. Pretty soon the Preying Mantises will be on my screens peering at me, I love them!

  6. That's an awesome deck Ribbit! Nice score on the leftover wood. You can definitely make something out of them.

    Fiji sounds nice! Although I'd opt for Hawaii since there are supposedly no snakes there. There's nothing worse then leaving for work before the sun goes up and it begin dark before you leave the office. AWFUL!

    Oh, how do you like the long beans?

  7. Uh oh....I can already see the gears turning inside your head. Those boards are just too tempting...

  8. The butterfly added beauty to the flower.

    Cassy from Guitar Made Easy