Sunday, December 26, 2010

Not Since the 1880's Part II

If you missed yesterday's post, not since the 1880's has the Atlanta area seen snow on Christmas. This snow started Christmas day around 3:00 and we've been stuck under one snow cell that hasn't moved a lick since. It's still only a light covering, only an inch or two, but for us around here, this is big-time, so just hang with me here. No snickering, Toni. ;)

Here's the same picture of the house from yesterday with sunlight.
Loved this little snow covered bird nest.
Who can resist a snowy mailbox? Not me!
Ah, the obligatory snowy garden shot. Toni...I heard you. You snorted when you laughed. You know you did.
BUT! Before it all began, sometime on the afternoon of December 24 in Winder, GA, a reindeer was spotted shirking his duties:
If you find him, please report him to the authorities. Or at least bring him home. He's a bit pathetic looking.
Hope everyone had a safe holiday.
The morning comes early. Time to start training your body to stay up late for New Year's!


  1. Yay! A snowy Christmas! How fun and at least you know it won't be long before it melts.

  2. LOL bad reindeer. I guess you could celebrate a white Christmas. The pineapple express is going to hit us tonight I think. Right now the forecast is for 14-20".

  3. Poor doggie, it looked embarrased. Ha! It's nice to get some snow for christmas, but sure does make a mess of things when it melts! Blech.

  4. Enjoy your snow. It's nice when it's only a few inches. We're getting about 20 predicted for the nexg 2 days here.

  5. I love that dog. He happens to be on my desktop now, and I'm not givin' him back. So there.

  6. HA! Granny, then you'll love the payback he issued the boy today. I'll post that picture later. It's fantastic.

  7. Ribbit, you could hear me snickering??? LOL!

    I love your beautiful colonial home! How pretty!!!

    Wow... not since the 1880s... wow wow wow!!!

    Hey, your garden looks like mine... all covered in snow!

    Gibson.... so funny!