Thursday, December 9, 2010

"You're the BEST Mommy." Darn right I am.

I'm just loving that we have to change the clocks in the winter.

It's pitch dark by 6:00 PM here and the kids think I'm the best mommy in the world and that they're getting away with something when I usher them to bed at 7:15 PM.

I don't plan on disabusing them of their opinions any time soon. ;)

But, spring's really going to stink.

Oh, can you believe seed catalogs are here already!? By this time last year I had already put in and received all of my ordered seeds. I'm falling behind this year. Better get on it!


  1. CERTAINLY didn't mind it when the girl just asked at 6:38 PM to go to bed, and she actually went!

    Someone's looking out for me tonight.

  2. Oh my, I do the SAME thing LOL! At 6:45 I start giving them the "bedtime warning" hahaha!