Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ribbit 1 -- Mother Nature a big whopping 0!!!

We survived! We survived!!!

The temperatures got down into the mid 20's last night. I was convinced that in spite of the straw on the peppers and the straw, bags and buckets over the tomatoes everything would have been toast.

The peppers laughed.

The tomatoes guffawed.

The lettuce stuck its tongue out, wagged its fingers by its ears and said, "nanny nanny, boo-boo."
Yup. They're mature like that :)

The peas, eggplant, and tomatoes that were moved into the garage did well also. The only problem seems to be that since they've been under cover for two days, they're experiencing a bit of sunburn. The peppers are leaning towards yellow as are the newest leaves on the toms. Don't know if it is a temporary thing or if it will just get worse. It was something I should have thought about, however.

I just finished unloading the last of the two cubic yards of compost that I bought from a local landscape supply. The first was a "plant mix" which seemed to me to contain more red clay than anything else, and the second was a good 'ole-fashioned compost mix. Here are some of the exciting things I found in the compost mix:
  • Sticks

  • Small rocks

  • Used condom

  • Bottle cap

  • Something unidentifiable but fuzzy

  • Sweet-n-low packet

I know what you're thinking. Who would have seriously thought you could compost a bottle cap!? Sometimes you just shake your head and move on. (*wink*)

I had too much left over, and since the man has redrawn the no-compost-pile line, I put the remaining compost in rubermaid tubs in the basement. Do you think it will keep?


  1. OMG!! A used condom? EWWW! Hope you wore gloves...Heh. I'm glad your stuff made it thru the freeze.


  2. "I know what you're thinking. Who would have seriously thought you could compost a bottle cap!?" Actually I was thinking "who would have seriously used a condom in a compost pile!?" I don't even want to go there.

    I am so surprised those peppers and tomatoes survived the low temps! That was a good bit of luck, Ribbit. And they are lookin' good! Nice, stocky plants.


  3. HA!! EG, Granny, It was meant to be an understatement. I stood there for several minutes, shovel poised over the mix to dig in, looking at the condom doing the whole no it can't be, yes it sure is, thing. My first thought was who in the H*&& would want to have sex in the supply yard of a landscape company (assuming this is where it originated). Eeah, at least they used one.

    EG, if you come back to this, what do you think about keeping the compost mix in those tubs?

  4. I think it'll keep, but ya might want to let it breathe a little.