Thursday, April 9, 2009

A blog by any other name..

When one decides to start a blog, it's the name of said blog that intrigues, it entices, it inspires.

And then you have mine. The coming up with a name is what held me back from writing anything resembling a blog, and then when you finally put one down, you have this conversation:
Girlfriend: "Hey, I checked out that blog you sent me. Not too shabby."

Ribbit: "Thanks. I'm having fun."

G: "Listen (pause), I have to ask. You're not planning on harming your family are you?"

R: "Noooo....not today. Why?" (note irritated, understated tone)

G: "Well, calling it 'The Coroner's Yard' doesn't really inspire confidence."

I actually thought about that as I was typing in the title for the first time. Ok, I thought about it because I initially typed it wrong. But it is what it is. It's not the yard proper, although if I had more sun back there it would be the whole yard, but it is most certainly the corner yard. And that, my friends, is the way it will stand...until I chop down that oak and commandeer the ENTIRE yard!

On a gardening note, I bought an ichiban eggplant today for a left over container that was itching for something in it. Hopefully it will produce more than a black beauty. Here's keeping fingers crossed it will produce anything at all!!!


  1. Yeah..."coroner's yard" would have scared some people! Ha! This blogging thing is pretty fun, especially when you get comments.


  2. You're a hoot! Actually, I think "The Corner Yard" is a catchy title. Much better than "The Entire Yard", which sounds rather common and boring.