Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Corner Yard....LIVE!

Well I just sat down to load up a film of the garden I took this afternoon when I logged on to blogger and saw that EG had just posted one of his own! Go check his out if you haven't. He's got an awesome SWC set up that's amazing.

I went to a local landscape company this weekend with a girlfriend. They were amazing. I can really see the difference between you big-box stores and the local ones. They had a little Jack Russel out there running around and my boy squealed like a pig while enacting his evasive maneuvers. You'd have thought the boy had never seen a dog before. For goodness sake! We have a Great Dane! I honestly don't think he understands Gibson's a dog.

We got a lot of planting done this weekend. This is the time of year where old things come out and new things go in. I decided to go ahead and pull those peas. I'll have plenty of room for them in the fall since I don't expect my squash to make it past the squash bugs in June/July. I bought some marigold, geraniums and mint. I read somewhere that mint/catnip helps to repel squash bugs. We'll see. I decided to put the flowers in those unreachable center squares in the larger bed.

Zucchini went in the place of the peas, but it hasn't sprouted yet. I pulled the spinach on the other side of the bed and put in some cantaloupe which will most likely overrun the entire bed since I can't trellis it. It says one foot apart for planting, and I've planted 3 per 9 feet, so I'm hoping it will do okay. I'm planning on moving the onion bed shortly when the onions are done, but I think it will be sooner than later because the onions keep sending up flower stalks one after one and I hear they're pretty unusable after that point.

The tomatoes in the hanging pots are setting fruit and the cucumbers in the hanging pots are emerging from the soil.

So here's the film. No laughing, please. Or at least be kind enough to laugh behind my back. :) There's a brief shot of the neighbor's yard. The film doesn't do it justice, but the weeds are so tall my two yr old thought she was lost when she walked down the sidewalk yesterday.


  1. Woo-hoo! LOVE it! You sound just like I imagined you would! Ribbit, everything really looks great. I hope my broccoli grows as well as yours has (looking at it right now, I don't give it much of a chance). Heck, I hope my radishes grow as well as yours! Keep those videos coming. My sweet Ribbit is a movie stah!!!


  2. Cool video! Wow, you've got alot of stuff planted...I had no idea. Thanks for sharing, I'm loading another video right now - they take forever to load! Sheesh....

  3. LOL LOL LOL.... that was too funny! :)

    On another note- check out this site:

    Think it might could be a good project for the little ones and it sounds like you could use some toads around there. Next: bat houses.

  4. Granny, I've been thrilled with the radishes so far. I've pulled three squares and more are edible than not. I'm giving the broccoli until around the first week or so in May, but then it's got to come out, ready or not.

    EG, it did take forever, didn't it!!! most of the stuff planted is only because I either left blank squares (the entire rear box) or have harvested it all like the spinach (where the cant. is now), or because I ripped its pretty little head out of the garden, like the peas.

    You know, it's a catch 22. You want to plant so badly and you can't stand to see blank squares, but then things don't mature fast enough and you're cursing, wishing you had left blank squares. Then, I suppose we do it all over again from summer to fall. You almost need two different gardens! One for spring and fall and the other for summer....hmmm....

  5. Atrox_ what part of "no laughing" did you not understand, Goober. :)

    I'll check out the site. We've talked about building bat boxes since last year. Now we just need a ladder to hang them high enough.

  6. Very cool, nice yard! Good luck with everything.

  7. Great video! You have a HUGE lot. I was drooling! Hehe, so why do you have all those pots when you have more room than two of my gardens, hehe.

    Great blog, I can't believe I haven't come here more often! I will remedy that from here on out!

  8. Thanks sb158!!

    Good to see you here Sinfonian! Your comment meant a lot to me. The lot's only around 1.3 ac. Most of it is behind those trees in the back yard. That little dinky corner is the only place that gets any sun back there, but it only gets around 6 hours. The rest is in shade all fall and winter. In the spring and summer, the sun comes up between our house and the neighbor's with the airconditioning truck, but we loose it when it goes just past noon and gets blocked by the oaks behind the beds.