Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hold on t'yer butts!

One more dip to low temperatures tonight and we should be clear sailing through spring to summer. You can tell everything out there is really responding to the warmer temperatures. My beans in pots are starting to sprout and I think there are a few threatening to come up in the larger box during the next day or two. The okra is out of the ground (six squares and one pot), waiting for their first true leaves and the one over achieving broccoli head has doubled in size and is sending off side shoots that are as large as the main heads of the other plants. There are multiple, multiple flower clusters on my tom in the hanging pot. I'm really rather shocked at how many there are with it still being so cool and how many are already producing small tomatoes, but I'm afraid with its growth it's going to get root bound fairly quickly. I'm interested to see what impact the warm weather has on it and everything else in the garden. I think the eggplants will be thrilled. It's too early for me to have them out as it is, but they seem to be holding their own. I'm headed to a wedding this weekend in St. Louis (anyone know what the weather's like there?), and I'm a little bit nervous about leaving the garden without daily bug picking, but I bet it will look like a different place when I get back one way or the other!

I put in three more red peppers for a total of 5, two tam jalapenos (4 jalapenos total) and one more yellow pepper (total 3) for the man. I decided to put more pepper plants instead of the soybeans I was planning on. I may move the soybeans to pots or try to sow them once the bush beans are done if there's time. There are multiple flowers on the peppers out front, but none yet on the SSPeas. They've been in the pot since January, so I'm starting to wonder if they'll flower at all, but there's nothing else needing to go there, so they can have all of the time they want.

One zucchini and a squash were started inside today to replace the black radishes and broccoli when they're done. The boy also requested watermelon, so some sugar baby was started inside as well. I don't have room to trellis the cantaloupe or watermelon, and I know it's going to overrun the garden, but we'll see how it goes. I'll most likely remove the onions since they're not bulbing and many are inclined to send up flower stalks. Onions and I don't seem to get along. I couldn't grow them in the fall, either. It's a 2x3 box which is small, yes, but I'm hoping I can keep one watermelon plant contained there. If it spills to the other box with the cantaloupe it shouldn't be too bad. I'll need to evaluate the summer sun again and see if there's room for another trellised box in the back, but it's not looking likely.

The morning comes early. Y'all have a good evening.
Sweet gardening dreams.

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  1. It's gonna be 38 here tonight, but after that - in the 80's! Yay! This stuff will take off now! Good luck on your trip, and hopefully the bugs won't tote your garden off while you're gone....