Sunday, March 18, 2012

Plantings, Patty's, and Other Scurrilous Activities

Ok...Plantings come first - this is a garden blog you dirty minded fools. Then and only then will we get to the information that may be considered circumspect.

Apparently I've been gone from Blogger for so long that I no longer remember how to move pictures without deleting them. Well...that'll learn me. Now that planting season is really coming to a head, I'm hopeful, more hopeful than last time, that I'll get back into this regularly. I still am at least four months behind in blog reading. I'm just waiting for summer vacation and then LOOK OUT!!!! You'll be seeing some responses on posts you made in December and go....What?

I went ahead and started my tomato and squash seeds. The way things are going right now I'd say I could direct plant these suckers now and not have a problem. I might honestly put the zucchini and zephyr in the ground in two weeks anyway. We've got spring break and we're headded to St. Louis so I think they'll fare better in the boxes than they would at their own mercy on the porch. I'm hopeful, however, that Auntie Daddy will take care of the tomato seedlings for me....By the way, Auntie Daddy, will you seedling sit?

I hilled the potatoes for the first time today. Some have sprouted and some have not. The reds seem to be taking off faster than the Yukon Golds. Right now, I'm hilling only around the tall ones, but I'll start filling the box sooner or later. I direct seeded lettuce this year which was a HUGE mistake. I'm usually drowning in lettuce by now and the ones in ground are not even the size of my pinky. Chalk one up as a point for procrastination. I did plant carrot seeds and radish seeds this week, but we had a real toad floater and I half bet any of the carrot seeds are gone with the wind.

Part of the 'Gone from Blogger' syndrome is the subsequent random deletion of the awesome picture I took of the broccoli. Envision it if you would. I'll give you a moment. Beautiful, aren't they. Thanks. I thought so too. Anyway, I was taking their picture and as I stepped back I looked down and screamed.AAAHHH!!!! This oregano was put into a pot two years ago and was pathetic. Utterly beyond pathetic. I let it die. It died like it meant it. Last year it put out some pitiful shoots and plaintively at that. Just enough so I couldn't ditch it. I had no idea it had done this. Fantastic!

Cut scene to yet another missing picture of the other corner yard. I figured if this one looked like this then how about the other corner yard that I've basically ignored. Holy Guacamole! as my daughter would say. There are three there that are going crazy. Can you see it! Yeah, neither can I because the blasted picture went MISSING and I deleted it from my computer and phone. Whatever. I'll get out there tomorrow and give it another go - more push to post more often (and make shorter posts which doesn't hurt any of your feelings, I'm sure.)

I'm thinking of drying some of the parsley and oregano - for they are legion - and putting them in baggies and then in the mail room at school....hmmm...oregano in baggies. Maybe I'll add a note this time telling people what they are getting instead of just dropping the bags on the table.

On a personal note - gardeners can stop reading now if they choose - although there is something sacreligious at the end to whet your whistle if you keep reading...

This weekend we celebrated both the boy's and girl's birthdays. With them being only a month apart - literally - and since we can't afford to mortgage our house for a birthday party twice in two months, we usually combine theirs. This year they decided on the park where they could invite as many people as they wanted instead of only two friends each somewhere else. We had terrible rain all the night before and well into the morning. We were toast. I prepared the kids for a cancelation and the sun gods smiled on us and cleared everything up to an 80 degree day just an hour before party time. Then there was the cake incident. Ah, the cake incident. Now THAT's another post. A long one. Next time, maybe.

"Cake incident" notwithstanding, the party was wonderful! Here's a picture my mom grabbed of the fam. It's a great picture. Notice the cake. There's a story behind that cake. You'd be proud of me, my friends. Very proud.

Notice as well that neither kid is looking at the camera. They're attracted to shiny things. This is par for our course.

The man played a gig last night for St. Patrick's Day with the Old School Outlaws - his Southern rock cover band and the bar had this sign hanging over the stage where the drummer was located. Seriously? Read this. How completely sacreligious. Do these people know no shame? There's not an inch of moral fiber to be found in anyone associated with that bar and the shame transfers to us by association.
Good lord, people. Sundays is plural, not possessive!! *hangs head in shame*
Auntie Daddy was gracious enough to come with us, although she didn't quite realize this band plays three sets instead of the one the other band usually plays. We didn't get home until around 3:00 AM and my knees have gently reminded me all day that I cannot dance all night no matter how much of a stud I think I am.
We sure did have fun, however.
The morning comes early. And I really do need another day to recuperate. Sweet oregano and St. Patty's Day dreams.
Hey - St Patty's Day is all about green. Man, we gardeners ROCK this holiday.


  1. Ooooh that sign is hilarious!!! And you have trouble direct seeding lettuce but I have trouble starting indoors so I direct seed LOL! Glad to see you back :)

  2. Good to see you posting again. You should be fine to direct sow that zucchini with all the warm weather we have been having. I planted yellow squash last week and it sprouted this weekend.

  3. Happy birthday(s) to the Boy and Girl! The Girl sure does look like The Man.

    Yay for your oregano. Isn't it nice when something actually goes right in the garden, and surprises us? Mine survived the winter, but doesn't look very pretty. Oh, but I do have some gorgeous that I've removed the porch mat from the top of them so they are no longer suffocating.

  4. Erin...I hope to be back more regularly soon. Things just need to calm down here.

    Kris, I'm still wary. I know it's been crazy mild, but you know we always get hit with some random freeze right after April.

    Granny, you know we've never heard she looks like the man. It's always me, but that piture really shows she does look like him!

  5. Great picture of you and the family. The weather suited for Cole crops just didn't show up this time, and instead went straight into warm weather - it would seem. I'm glad you will be applying some nitrogen to the onions this time around, because the ones I saw last May were unbelievable. LOL. I wish you and the family could stop by on your way to St. Louis, as I think of all of you quite often. Yes, this is who you think it is - The original mad scientist gardener. :)

  6. Mr. MSGardener - You don't know how happy I am to hear from you and I wish we could stop by, but we're riding with my parents up there.
    Take care, my friend.

  7. Did any of your tomatoes ever come up? Sounds like you headed to my part of the country! I hope you enjoyed St. Louis, if you ever made it out here!

  8. Yes! They started coming up yesterday. Thank goodness!!

  9. I didn't know you posted this... hum...