Saturday, March 24, 2012

And...We May Have a Problem.

I do think we've got a few problems already this year. All problems, however, could be made okay if my tomatoes were germinating. They're not. I'm a bit disapointed. I'm hoping they'll do so soon as I really don't want to buy transplants. I don't know if they stock the ones I like. ;(

Here's what's not a problem. This is the picture of the oregano and parsley that went missing the other day. Holy Smokes! They were nuts. I'm thinking I should have looked up how to trim them before I butchered this lot. Problem 1. I'm hoping they'll grow back.

Here's what I snagged. I only took from that one parsley and the one oregano 'bush' beside it and some off of the rosemary behind it.
I've got it drying in my dehydrator now and I'll put little baggies in the mail room on Monday - clearly labeled baggies.
If you remember, last year the man put in a pool and I lost major points on my 'woman card' for fighting him on it. I really hate summers. I need to work and the kids need to be busy 24/7. I wind up doing some pretty stupid things over the summers (215 square foot garden anyone?). Anyway, even though it didn't get finished until the end of the summer, we sure got our use out of it.
We had to move the horseradish bed that was nice and contained in a little 3x3 foot spread. Looks like some roots went through the soil beneath and now are popping up. Sadly I'm using that soil to fill in the potatoes as they grow out of control. I hope I got all of the roots out. It's so incredibly invasive, isn't it. These will likely get mowed down, so who knows if they'll give any good roots.
Here's the big problem....
Look again....
Not sure if these are termites or just flying ants. They had calmed down a bit right before I took this picture. They were swarming while I was out there which made me stand there stupified.
Oh well. We'll see.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams....and if my tomato seedlings would come up it wouldn't hurt my feelings one bit.


  1. I'd certainly be doing the stomp-stomp-squish dance with those ants. Oh, why must bugs keep us so busy???????

  2. I think ants have a wasp waist and termites don't.

    I promise not to laugh at your problems if you don't laugh at me as I'm whacking out volunteer giant sunflowers and cosmos "trees".

  3. Oh, man. The tunnels say termites to me, but what do I know? I'll cross fingers for your tomatoes and the other semi-invasives.

  4. I hope those tomatoes get with the program. If we lived close we could trade spices. I just picked over a pound of cilantro and didn't even get close to picking a quarter of what I have out there. It is getting out of control. Soon those gardening dreams will be about being strangled in my sleep by it.

  5. Termites are pretty common and this would probably be the time of year for them to fly for you, I get them about mid-April. Just be glad they are in your beds and not your house LOL. People don't realize they are everywhere and you can't be termite-free, if you don't have them in woodpiles and old wood surrounded by soil (raised beds!) then they will come to the house. It is alarming to see, most people are just not there to see it since they usually swarm and it's all over within an hour or so. Mine seem to come from a stump that is buried in one of the beds and they like the landscape timbers that frame out the perimeter of my garden.

  6. EEEK! I can't imagine coming across that, I'd STILL be standing out there staring at them. LOL. Your herbs are lovely though. Hope your maters make an appearance soon.

  7. Maybe replacing your boards with cedar would discourage those pesky bugs. I don't think termites like cedar. Love the dandelion. Why don't you make some dandelion tea and relax.

    Welcome spring.