Monday, March 26, 2012

Terrible Sight in Roswell, GA

A fight has been brewing for years in Roswell, GA over a man dubbed the Chicken Man and his keeping of a large number of birds on his property. He's become a local symbol of the back yard chicken movement, but in my opinion, he took his mission too far. He's served jail time, suspected that his birds were poisoned and today he was facing eviction from his property.

Apparently, marshalls were there to aid in the eviction when the man called a news station and told it to get off of his property....and then the house exploded.

You can read more about him and all of the legal troubles here:

The battle has been poorly fought from the start with errors on both sides of the argument, and I think I've posted about him somewhere here before, but this is not the way it needed to end, or so I'm assuming it has ended being that a body was found in the house, but they haven't released whose it was.

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