Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I'm still in shock over how hard this snowfall hit the Atlanta area. All metro counties, including ours are going to remain closed tomorrow. Roads are still impassable and the on/off ramps on I-285, the highway that circles Atlanta are closed. People are still stranded on roadways. We've watched neighbor after neighbor try to claw their way out of the neighborhood only to slide down a nominal hill and one neighbor with a 4 wheel drive got down to the main road and turned around. Even he couldn't make it.

I took a picture of the icicle hanging from the boy's window. You can see how dreary it was still outside at noon today. Yesterday we had freezing rain and sleet which caused a film of about a .25 inch layer of ice on top of the snow. My dad said it best when he equated it to walking on fried chicken. Kids got out the skim board today and just had a blast on that ice layer. Even the girl at 3 took a huge tumble, jumped up and said, "That was totally WICKED!" Tomorrow we're going to use our neighbor's hill - it's still pristine since he doesn't have children. Low is 17 tonight and high is only going to be 31 tomorrow, so I'm not holding out for much to melt.

At least my nook's full of books to read and we still have power. Stay warm and safe, y'all.


  1. Oh my gosh Ribbit! You guys really got it bad there! Wait... are you sure that you weren't transported to Wyoming?

  2. wow, that's the one thing I hate about ICE - losing power! Hope yours stays on with no problems! The kids will have a blast on the hill!

  3. Erin, there's no doubt the kids will have blast if my heart stays in tact. That girl is fearless and actually aimed straight for a tree "just to see" if she could hit it.

    Toni, I've questioned that, myself. However, I do detect a snicker in there.

    Learned today our county doesn't have any salt, sand, anything to treat the roads with. Nice. The roads are mostly clear now, but wet, wet, wet which will spell bad things for the morning. The man's going to try to get to work tomorrow. He had a flight out, but changed it since only 5 flights are getting out of Hartsfield a day now. This is one they'll be talking about for years to come.

  4. No snicker... just honest to goodness... AMAZEMENT! Hang in there!

    When I was in junior high, we had a record setting blizzard... the blizzard of '78. School was closed for vacation week then for 2 weeks after that. We had mountains of snow. It was great... as a kid anyway! I remember everyone out walking and talking to each other.

    We had a small hill at the park at the top of my street. Oh did we sled and sled and sled...

  5. That is alot of snow for your area! You need some of our 10% beer to get through that storm :-)

    We are getting our first big storm tonight, about the same amount of snow you have.