Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The man ventured out to work this morning for the first time this week. We had a bit of a thaw yesterday as the high creeped above 32 for a few hours, but everything that thawed just refroze last night with a low of 19. News stations were reporting that the driving conditions were worse than they were the first day of the snow.

We never cleared the snow off of the drive way like we should have, so the man had a bit of difficulty getting over the innitial hump.
This made me so, so nervous because behind the truck is a huge hill that goes straight to the fence of the back yard. He made it, thankfully.
Those of your northerners are probably getting quite a laugh out of us because of the difficulty we're having after a small snowfall of only 6 inches, but the south just isn't equipt for this. The DOT has admitted on several occasions that their handling of the situation has been sub par. They only had 50 snow removal trucks available for the city and metro area when this all started. Our county had no ice removal system in palce at all. Honestly, I bet there's next to no one here that has a good ice scraper for their car. I know the man has one here in this picture and he used it this morning, but I've been known to bust out a credit card or my driver's licence to scrape frost before, but this is no comparison to what we're facing now.
He made it in okay, but he did notice that there were several accidents and the highways that are six lanes only had 1 or 2 operational.

My problem comes in a different format. I'm in charge of graduation for our school. Right now, we've got about 475 seniors and their parents that I'm responsible for, but hey, it's better than cheerleading (which I've done and will not do again as long as I breathe). We only have two snow days built into the calendar which proves how little we miss school due to weather. So now, missing a third day and possibly a fourth, we're looking at having to extend the school year which throws off our contracts with the county arena where we hold the graduation ceremony. We're in troublem or rather I'm in trouble. Big, big trouble if we miss another school day. I suppose it is what it is.

The kids' cousins ventured over today and we had permission to sled down our neighbor's hill. Yesterday we busted out the beach skim board and had a blast. Today we quickly abandoned the skim board after it flew down the ice laden hill and half a block down the street before it stopped. Thank goodness the boy's uncle stuck his boot in the way and knocked the boy off of the board. From then on, they seriously just sled down on their backs or bellies. That's all it took. The snow that was there has a good inch of ice on top and it was even hard to bust with your boot to walk across. There's starting to be news reports of kids in critical condition from sledding accidents. One plowed under a parked car and has serious head injuries.

Snow and ice, you've been enjoyable. Now please go away. I hear Wyoming's fun...
The morning comes early, but who knows if we'll be back at school or not. Sweet no gardening in sight for the near future dreams.


  1. Crazy Talk! Our county just canceled school again tomorrow!!! This is getting dangerous.

  2. I won't laugh at you because you had all that ice, nobody has any business driving in it southern or northern! People say us northerners can handle the winter, but that's because we know when to just stay home LOL!

    Hope your school year doesn't go til September LOL!