Tuesday, July 6, 2010

And Then There Were None

The zucchini is done.

It's been an epic year for the zucchini, but after harvesting three yesterday and another two today.....I looked at the over 20 cups I already had frozen and relish I had canned and said good bye. That, and I had stopped fighting the good fight with the squash bugs a while ago and found they had taken up residency on the beans. This, we will not tollerate.

So, the zucchini came out and I watched the multitude of squash bugs run for their squash buggie lives. It was rather humerous. I put them all in the burn pit for later burning.
Now I have an empty 3x9 bed and I was thinking of planting some pickling cucumbers since by the time they mature it will be getting a bit cooler, but still far ahead of a frost. I suppose I need to amend the bed with something. Should I add fertilizer and/or compost? Which kinds and how much of each? I've never really amended in the middle of the season and only got a trailer full of compost in the spring, but I don't need that much for the 3x9 bed. Any suggestions?

Now, you may offer up a moment of silence for the zucchini if you desire. They certainly hossed it out this year!


  1. I would amend with an inch of compost, and some slow release fertilizer in the bottom of your planting hole if you transplant. If not side dress with it after the seedling put out some growth.

  2. Hmm...i'd probably add some gardentone or similar before planting.

  3. I'd second Kelly's recommendation. Or just dig in a bag of composted cow poop.

    I've brought in four zukes this week, I have a feeling I'm going to be in zucchini hell soon.

  4. I'm with Kelly, I always add an inch of compost. If you added compost this spring you could just plant as is though.

  5. My friend Mark (owner of a local nursery)swears by chicken manure. That's all he adds to his vegetable beds every year.

  6. I was worried about needing to add something because there have already been spring and now a summer crop in the same location and I don't know how many nutrients are left at this point.

    See, Liisa....it's just one more reason for me to have chickens!

    Thanks guys! I'm watching my nephew today so I don't know if I'll get out like I want, but I'll try to see what I can pick up.

  7. EEEEW! The visual of the squash bugs running is too much - I haven't recovered from a similar experience last year LOL!

  8. Strange how we can delight in watching the misery of the bugs that give us fits in the garden. I am still hoping to get ONE zucchini this year.