Friday, July 9, 2010

No Gardening, but Fun Times No Less

It was back up in the high 90's today and now that we've paid our last respects to the zucchini, there's not much going on in the garden. Tomorrow, I suspect, I could go out there and pick some green beans and maybe a tomato or two, but things have really slowed down. I'm just planning on biding my time until I can plant either a second go around of summer crops or fall crops at the end of July/August.

So, I turned to my sewing machine again to give me some entertainment. Our neighbors down the road just had a baby boy, so I bought some fabric to make him a blanket. Of course, the boy and girl made noise about wanting their own, so there were three blankets that got made today. The boy chose a monkey print for both him and the baby and the girl chose a froggie print (I must say I approved) with pink backing, of course.

I hate, hate, hate sewing blanket binding tape around the edges, so instead, when I sew the right sides together, I leave a pretty hefty allowance of almost an inch. When I flip it, I do a decorative stitch on top of that allowance and it gives it a sturdy, thicker edge to the blanket. Here's the boy's blanket and edging:

And here's the baby's. They're similar, but different enough.

The girl wanted a flower pattern sewed on hers which was a huge mistake. It took over an hour to stitch the blanket around and I was disapointed because it never looked much like flowers to me but more like a mess, but she thought it was the most beautiful thing in the world, so we'll leave it at that.

And if that wasn't enough, my poor little sewing machine that could got even more of a workout because I finished my breast cancer awareness, pink ribboned key chains today. This one, here, is going to my mother and another to my aunt, both of whom are breast cancer survivors. Because of them and others, I've decided to help my school's Relay for Life team raise money by selling these keychains through the blog here. You can find a link on the sidebar to that page. I'm not versed in HTML, so I couldn't make the page act like I wanted to, but I've got my eye on a kid at school who I know can help me set it up right once we go back. I've got additional breast cancer ribbon coming and some Autism Awareness ribbon that I'm excited about. I'm also thinking of doing ones in purple since that color is supposed to stand for all cancers. Hop on over there and tell me what you think!

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening, or rather more sewing, dreams.


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  2. I know what you mean about the garden... I just returned from an overhaul of a couple of beds, ripped out old and planted new, and am hoping I can hide in the A/C for awhile now, the humidity is unbearable.

    I also have started knitting in earnest again, it is just too darn hot outside, I'm already dreaming of cool temps, broccoli, spinach and such!