Saturday, July 31, 2010

Garden Blogger's Death Day - July Edition

It's the last day of July and that brings with it Garden Blogger's Death Day hosted by Kate from Gardening Without Skills.

This month was a killer. Literally. I feel like a store going out of business for "Everything Must Go!" It began earlier this week when we got back from vacation and I ripped out all of the beans and vining cucumbers and put them in the fire pit.
This was how the fire pit looked when I was done with everything this morning.
I pulled all of the tomatoes in every bed, the okra which never produced, the cantaloupe that never produced and the bush cucumbers which had died.
The main garden looks very empty at this point, doesn't it.
I gave the lima beans on the trellis back there the good college try, but the bugs have come back to it like flies to a dead horse, so it will be pulled as soon as I get down there with some scissors to cut the trellis down. The eggplants there in the back seem to be chugging along in spite of their leaves which are riddled with holes from a myriad of bugs.

It's time for the fall garden, friends! I think I'll direct sow most of it since I have plenty of time and space. I'm also thinking about another round of cucumbers on that back trellis and a round of beans behind the eggplant. Hmmm...peas on the trellis in the foreground of the picture? I've never been successful at them, but I've got the space to try it!

This month was a real killer, but hope springs anew in the fall.


  1. Everything is dying in my garden too. I pulled squash and potatoes. None were good producers. Sigh.

  2. That's too bad...however, you sure did get alot of harvest from it! I'll direct sow broccoli and cauliflower for the fall, myself.

  3. I hope you have better luck with the fall garden. Big article in our paper this morning about new and old gardeners alike being discouraged this year. Seems nobody has ripe tomatoes or melons yet, so it's not just me, and bugs are worse than entire planting of beets disappeared, and they were 2-3" high. I blame birds over bugs.

  4. Best part about gardening---there is always a "next" garden!
    Better luck with the fall-your temps were awful this summer.

  5. Well I hope you have better luck with your fall garden! It has been a frustrating year for some things!

  6. Good luck with the fall garden. It has been a real scorcher this summer and very hard on a lot of the veggies.

  7. Oh sorry you've had a rough summer in the garden too. I flat out gave up last month and I'm just focusing on Fall. I know temps were just a killer all throughout the South - you just can't keep a garden alive with temps in the 90s and a 'feels like' temp over 100 most days.

    Focus on the Fall is my summer gardening slogan - LOL

  8. Oh no Ribbit - you were giving me hope to keep trying.... Here's hoping for Fall success!

  9. The readiness for the coming of fall, will have a renewed effect on the arrival of spring.... ~bangchik