Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hidden Camera Dreams, Black Radishes and Frost No More

A while back, someone (I think sqftsteve) posted some film of an animal trying to gain access to his garden which he had ingeniously covered fully with chicken wire to keep out said pest. I can't do chicken wire with my set up, but I sure am thinking about a hidden camera or at least one that takes photos every minute or so.

Last night or this morning, someone was digging in my beds again.
They got the lettuce bed in front of it as well. I'm thinking it's the dog again. Remember, he did this when I first filled the beds last year. The holes and footprints are also way too large to be a squirrel.

I'm not sure how the cucumbers fared with the frost. The leaves are still perky, but a bit off color. The cucumbers themselves seem fine for now. I'll let it go another week or so to see how they do. The weather is supposed to get nice again. I love the cool nights and the mild days. Long sleeve temperature with a warming sun is my most favorite.
Ok, tangent here, but on that 30 degree Monday morning, a girl came to school in a short skirt, short sleeves, and some of those boots that look like you done shot an Ewok and put them on your feet (think Star Wars). How ridiculous. Then, of course, you had those who insisted on wearing flip-flops and then had the audacity to say they're cold. It's almost as good as the kids during those days on end rain who came in drenched because they, "didn't know it was raining."
*sigh* These are the kids that will be pushing me around in my wheel chair one day. Hopefully they'll get some sense soon.
Back to gardening, the black radishes are bulbing. These did well in the spring, but the acorns have take a toll on the leaves. You can see how many are on the soil here and get an idea of the situation. This one is starting to bulb out of the ground, which isn't so good for them. I'll most likely pull it this weekend when my dad comes over. I grow these for him; they're too hot for me. He likes them to sit in some salt for a while and then eats them with some cheese to cut the heat of the radish. They can grow up to softball size in the right conditions, but my spring ones only got a little larger than a baseball.
I placed requests for those seed catalogues you recommended a few days back. Thanks for the advice. Winter may not be so dull after all.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Wow, that's a LOT of acorns. I agree, dogs do that cheerful excavating. We let the chickens out today and they dug an awful lot and very quickly, too. Destructo-pests, the lot of animals I think sometimes.

    I wonder if your dad would like my Blau Rettich German radishes. I used to grow them until I realized that no one, no one likes them here. No one likes any radishes -- I have no idea why I own radish seeds!

    Enjoy your catalogs!

  2. I am ever grateful that I grew up in the era of jeans and black concert t-shirts. The way the girls dress nowadays---ack!
    Though I imagine as a teacher, it must be entertaining to see some of the getups they wear!!

  3. I too, am so tired of seeing shorts and barely there tank tops with the "Ewok" boots, lol! As someone from MN, this is especially annoying to me - furry boots with shorts? come on......!!!! I had trouble with my dogs in my new beds this year (my older beds are fenced in). I took every single stake, bamboo pole, tomato cage, etc I had and stuck them all in the beds. It looked ridiculous, but did the trick! I tried the black heirloom Radish this year but I let them get way too big... they looked like overgrown carrots, lol!

  4. That looks like damage from a dog to me. Oh...i'd have to take care of that problem!

  5. I am having a problem with skunks and raccoons digging in the beds looking for red worms and night crawlers. The only way I can think of to stop them would be to cover all the beds with chicken wire and let the veggies grow up through it. That would be a pain to work with though. John

  6. Ribbit, I'd be sick if my hard work got dug up and ruined like that! I'd sure be whoopen' on the dog. (You believe that, don't you...LOL)

  7. Granny, he's a great dane....There's no whoopin' up on him. He's impervious to it.

    Now, letting 3-4 balloons loose in the house....that'll learn him.