Friday, October 16, 2009

Fall bug woes

The malevolent pickle worm has found my cucumbers. Each day I pull between 3-6 cucumbers in various stages of growth because they've been attacked by these burrowing worms. My camera isn't sharp enough to get a good picture of the fiends, but I did get a picture of this:

EG, who made much the same post two days ago, schooled me that this was their poop which takes the color of whatever they've been devouring. The worms I've seen poking out of holes are literally smaller than my finger nail, but the destruction they bring is unbelievable. I must say I'm pleased with the output of this second crop of cucumbers and even got another batch of pickles out of it, which was my ultimate goal to begin with, so I'm very happy even with the pickleworm invasion.

Here's another little guy I've been finding around the house recently:

They're everywhere on the house. They congregate in patches and don't want to move for love or money.

The next week looks fine weather wise, but I know the cold is coming. The days and nights are getting cooler, but what stinks is that we could have a freeze one day and then lows of 40-60 for another three weeks before the next frost comes along. I'm going to try to plant my garlic either today or tomorrow so that will be exciting for me. The cabbage in the side yard is looking fantastic, but I'm worried that the broccoli leaves have been too shredded to help it form a head. Sadly, I'm realizing that with the oak, the corner yard is best suited for spring through summer gardening....makes me put even more thought into those movable beds.....

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  1. My garden is the same. The oak trees shade it in the fall and winter, but in the spring I'll start having sun again. I'm stuck as to where my garden is since it is all fenced in. I really makes me wish I had cut down my maple tree in the front yard and used that space.