Sunday, July 31, 2011

Switching Gears

The time has almost come to switch gears for the fall. Some evening this week I'm going to pull out the peppers and the eggplant. Nothing in that bed seemed to do well this year. Not sure if I'm going to grow the eggplant again as I really don't like it very much. Peppers just seem to give me fits year after year. I've never gotten a bell pepper and this year the jalapenos are scarce as well. Thinking I may either try a location closer to the tomatoes or nix them altogether next year.

The second planting of beans is doing well, but this endless hot weather is taking a toll on everything else. I tried to get a trellis up for the beans this morning, but by 7:30 AM I was dripping sweat and the kids were clammoring for breakfast so I didn't make the progress I had hoped. Maybe I'll try again later.

It's almost time for me to get some of the fall crops in, but I'm thinking I may wait a few weeks longer than I usually do because of the heat. I can direct plant so that's not a problem, but if I go ahead and do it now, things may not go so well since September can still be pretty durn hot around here. I am going to try a row cover of sorts for my cabbage. Do y'all think a layer of tulle will keep the moths off?

On an incredibly positive note, I've never had a tomato year like this before! We've canned three batches of salsa, had some for fresh eating, dehydrating, giving away and now I've made the one batch of tomato-basil soup and have put away two more bags of tomatoes in the freezer for winter use AND I've got enough tomatoes to make a third bag. This is awesome!!

I broke out one of the pesto bags the other night and had an awesome dinner. I just love, love, love it!
Now...hold your breaths. I'm about to show you something you wouldn't believe if you didn't see it. Behold! For the first time in their lives we've experienced Lego Bliss!

When we visited Chicago, my aunt gave the girl her very own box of pink Legos. The boy graciously alotted her a small corner, a very small corner, of the dining room table for her very own and they played together quietly for quite some time. Just so you realize her fashion sense isn't just a fluke, the flannel footed pjamas and velvet princess dress on top in the middle of a GA July is her own doing.

Good news coming later today/tomorrow. Well, good news in my little world, anyway. It's been-done time, for this if you ask me.

The morning comes early...and it's more than welcome again. ;)

Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Ribbit--I just pulled my first cabbage a couple hours ago-I had it covered with that fabric--First time I EVER had a cabbage that wasn't all chewed up by bugs. It was perfect. The only thing I would do differently is put a hoop up or something to keep the fabric OFF the cabbage--it was kinda "brown-ish" where the fabric was on it (but it cut off beautiful!)
    Good luck!

  2. Tulle ought to work just fine for moths. Flee beetles might be able to get through, but then cabbage isn't all that bothered by flee beetles.

    Glad you are having such a wonderful harvest year. And a peaceful lego time.

  3. "Good news coming later today/tomorrow. Well, good news in my little world, anyway. It's been-done time, for this if you ask me."

    Every time you do this to us, I think you're pregnant :-D

  4. Sue, I'm hopeful.

    Thanks, Daphne.

    And Granny, that would be anything but good news given the steps we've taken to make sure that never happens again. ;) Nope...the morning will start coming earlier than early again starting tomorrow and THAT's a good thing.

  5. Good luck on your first day of school! Curious to hear your good news.

  6. That was the good news, Ma.
    School starts tomorrow!!!! For me, anyway. Woohoo!!

  7. I'm with you... I don't quite understand it since we have so many bugs and disease this year, but WOW the tomatoes have been off the hook! As soon as it cools enough for me to do any amount of work out there I too will be pulling some things, I'm happy to see fall arrive this year!

  8. In the past, I used to let my spring planted veggies lay around in the garden until they were pretty dead in August. Now, I'm like 'away with you! I have fall veggies to plant!'