Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Crazy Talk - The What's For Dinner Edition

Well...dinner snuck up on me again. Funny how it keeps coming around at the same time day after day. When I went down to start it, the tomatoes on the counter stared back at me. This is by far my best tomato season ever. Granted, it's a small harvest in comparison to many of y'all's (can you really have two apostrophes in one word?), but it's huge to me. They've been slowly growing in number and I haven't been using them nearly fast enough. I've dehydrated some - which I TOTALLY recommend, cooked with others, but there was enough to make a fourth batch of salsa. - which was TOTALLY not going to happen. So, I decided to do something I've never done before with fresh tomatoes or even store bought tomatoes and certainly would never consider doing in the summer in Georgia. I made creamy tomato basil soup! Crazy Talk! I know!! and I'd do it again. It was amazing!!!

First I sauteed some carrots and red onion in olive oil for quite some time, then added garlic for the last minute.

Then I added the basil, chicken stock, tomatoes which since I don't have a food mill I had already peeled and deseeded before I chopped up, salt, tomato paste, pepper, and sugar and boiled for about 40 minutes.

Then came decision time. Since I don't have a food mill, I could easily have just left it at that, but it wouldn't have that blended consistancy, so I used a slotted spoon and got out as much of the chunky stuff as I could and ran it through my trusty blender.

I added the heavy cream and returned it to a boil to heat it back up.

It was just outstanding. I'm a huge fan of tomato soup and this is right up with the best I've tried. I thought the carrots and onion were a bit weird - red onion at that - but it was just fantastic.

Here's a link to the full recipe. I only used half of the sugar it recommended after reading the reviews.

Finally, I leave you with the visual proof of why the girl will not be applying her own make up any time soon.

The picture is rather one sided - you're missing the four hair lollies on the other side of her head and the three hanging off of the braid in back.

Granted - she is accessorizing, but imagine that heavy hand with electric blue eyeshadow.

The morning comes early. Sweet tomato soup dreams.


  1. The soup looks really Yummy! :)

  2. Your soup looks amazing! I'll have to try it if the tom's ever ripen. I have never made a homemade tomato soup before.

  3. That makes me a little sad that our tomatoes are just . . . green. I love creamy tomato soup. Mmmmm.

    I used to describe one of my daughters as having "drag queen aesthetics" and it seemed useful at the time. She's not yet allowed makeup, thank goodness. She's lovely, even so.

  4. Soup looks DELISH!
    Girl needs work!

  5. I can taste it now. Yum. I'll be over for dinner at 7.

  6. In the South, we can use as many as we want, let's try three now, "all'y'all's come on for dinner now!" LOL, yes this from the English major :)

    The dinner concoction looks delish!

  7. Dang, that soup does look amazing...I wonder if it could be canned afterward....just a thought...

  8. I so have to try making tomato soup. I wonder if it freezes well.