Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fightin' Words and a Generally Uninspiring Dinner

I tried one of your tips last night and took the ends off of a cucumber and rubbed them on the cut ends until it foamed. This was supposed to take out the bitterness. I must say I hesitated even before I tried the cucumber after that. You just can't get rid of that bitter taste once it's in your mouth. However....It worked! Assuming the cucumber was bitter to begin with, but since a whole string of them were, I bet this one was as well. I was able to make a nice cherry tomato and cucumber salad for dinner.
The two picked yard long beans were the perfect sized serving for my children who eat like birds. The boy said they were the best he'd ever eaten, but the girl was generally uninspired by the whole affair. She was out cold.

Good thing she didn't see Big smack her in the face with his glove. Them's as close to fightin' words as a dog can get in this picture below. That's her coveted Rapunzel blankie he's on. He smartly positioned himself in front of the stairs, and when he saw her approach, he bailed like a ninja. She was none the wiser.

The boy decided to plant green beans in his box. I wish I could remember if the bush beans I planted earlier were the foremost or the contender. Whatever they were, they were fuzzy and I didn't like them one bit. The ones he planted were the foremost. Hopefully they'll turn out okay!

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. That girl can't stay awake for a meal for anything! Glad your cucumber was better!

  2. How funny about the cucumber trick! Glad it worked, though. The girl is so cute, she looks exhausted :)

  3. Megan, you're right! She does seem to fall asleep at the table a lot. I suppose it's just that's the first place she stops all day long.

    Erin, I was surprised, but so happy!

  4. The girl must give lessons on how to do that. I can go 21 hours in a row and it STILL has to be "just right" with the world or I can't fall asleep. I envy anyone that can fall asleep like that. Lucky!

  5. I am so with you on the heat. “What?!?” you may ask since I live in Maine. Well, since I live in Maine the 90-degree heat with 90% humidity is awful for us. It is all relative.

    I smile every time I see or read about yellow pear tomatoes because I remember these are why you began gardening.

  6. I've never tried that cucumber trick. Sounds interesting!

  7. GM...you never forget your first. ;)

    meemsnyc, I can only hope it works with the rest! I'll let you know.

  8. That was the same salad I made for myself yesterday for dinner.