Friday, July 15, 2011

Give and Take

We had a fierce storm blow through here last night. It was a real toad-floater. We needed the rain. We really needed the rain. What we could have done without is the wind. It gave us the rain for sure, but it took the tomatoes. It's been a while since I've done a film, so here it is. I tried to upload it to youtube, but everytime I inserted the link, it shut down my browser window. Here's the URL for the youtube film if you need to see it that way.

Please note the awesome entry system to the pool. They'll start the deck the first of August, but until then, the ladder's pretty durn classy, but hey, it works!

School begins in two weeks for me, three for the kids, and I'm as ready as they come. I'm ready to go to the bathroom by myself without having to carry on conversations through the door. I put the smack-down when they kept coming in to interrupt my shower. The boy decided to improvise and slide a note under the door. He's entering second grade and his spelling/handwriting isn't the best, but you can get the gist of what he's asking. I hate the television. They're not going to sit around all summer glued to the T.V. It's likely good he sent the message this way because he knew I wouldn't let him anyway. Then, I noticed the writing on the back.... Get it? "Sign language" as in he made a sign.

Pretty punny, but no, they couldn't watch the movie. It's rainy today so maybe I'll surprise them with an afternoon movie if they play nicely today.

The morning comes early. Sweet signing dreams.


  1. Oh my gosh... you had a Wyoming Wind storm! Just prop everything back up... it'll be OK!

  2. Wind sure can wreak havoc in the garden. However, your plants should be just fine when stood back up...

  3. Funny...we didn't get a drop. Love the sign language note. It's quite humorous and creative. Gotta give him credit for that.

  4. I just hate those wind storms. We get them here a lot and I always have to tie everything back up that's all over the ground, your should be fine since you propped them up. The frustrating thing is that it won't look as nice as you had them before! Mine are a jumbled mess now. Even my Colonnade apple trees were uprooted and I jabbed them back into the ground LOL now they are all kinds of crooked!

    LOVE the sign, that's so funny!

  5. That's hilarious...the note, not the tomatoes! Jonathan will ask, "Daddy, will you play with me for a little bit?" When I make an excuse, he'll follow up with "Do you like playing with me?" Game over. I lose.

  6. Toni, EG - I'm hopeful. The man will help me lift the cherry toms when he gets home.

    Seriously, Ma? Strange it didn't come through you to get to us. They usually do.

    Erin, things were a mess there before, so anything would be an improvement. Tomatoes are one thing, but I'd be furious if it took apple trees!!

    No, can never win that one, can you. I love my children dearly, but I'm eager for the summer to be over so I can prove once more my life is based on more than princesses, The Littlest Pet Shop and Legos.

  7. I remember the early years. . . such long days. Now they're more fun to play with, but I get to make them work a lot too.
    Hang in there after the wind.

  8. Good job, nixing the tv.
    My grandson was just up for a visit---the DIL kept insisting he would be MISERABLE up here because we don't have television hooked up (who has TIME in the summer????)
    The kid had a blast. First time feeding the neighbors donkeys, riding on a tractor, hunting frogs, feeding the birds, playing in a garden, playing at the beach. Need I say more??????
    ANyways, sorry about the tomatoes. Darn winds!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Oh man, come on it was Shrek. We probably watch too much TV in my house, but I understand you have to stick to your guns as a parent.

  10. We are supposed to have thunderstorms Monday night. I so want the rain, but so don't want the wind that comes with them.