Thursday, July 14, 2011

Chickens and Bees!

Off topic for the garden blog...sort of, but I just purchased this bee ribbon for Keychains for a Cause! I just love it. IT should be coming in next week some time.

I'm driving myself nuts trying to find chicken ribbon. You'd think there'd be so much out there. I've found one that I totally love, but it ships from China...don't know if I'm so excited about that part, but I may just have to cave. Has anyone stumbled across any?

Found this:

But the price is rather impressive at $6.00 a yard.


  1. Just love that chicken ribbon. I'm surprised there's not more out there too. Google Rooster or chicken decor and you get MILLIONS of things. But no ribbon.

  2. That price is steep, but the ribbon is pretty cute, they manufacturer must know it's the only design!

  3.'m weak. I bought both that one and the one from China. If they sell well, I'll make back enough for Relay to make it worth my while. I just couldn't pass them up.