Sunday, July 3, 2011

Good Times

No pictures to go with this post, but things are picking up in the garden again. I've cleared out the two squash beds and now I'm mulling over what to plant. I've thought about corn, but I'm almost guaranteed worms at this late date, some zipper peas/cream crowder peas but germination is so low with the ones I have, some more beans or, since I had those pickled tomatoes from Mr. Mason, the idea of planting some romas sounds very delightful, but then I'd have to buy more tomato cages....wonder if it's worth it. Anyone know if purple hull peas are vining or bush? I need something bush...unless I rig up some sort of short A frame...ah the possibilities!

We had such a wonderful night last night. One of the people in one of the man's bands has a lake house right on Lake Hartwell. Every year they have a huge bash which has evolved into people coming from every which direction to camp on the property. We set up our canopy and the kids swam all day in the lake. Then, at night, the band played right there in the back yard and boats from all over the lake pulled up and partied right along with us. Actually, one family didn't tie their boat off well enough and it escaped while they were out dancing with us. Someone towed it back for them...and they didn't secure it well enough again. I don't know how they got back.

The kids ran themselves silly playing hide-and-seek, duck-duck-goose, pirates and who knows what else. They even stopped a time or two to watch the crazies shoot fireworks off of their boats. A little stray dog came by, scooted the kids out of the way with its nose and sat himself right in the midst of them to enjoy the show as well. The girl plopped my chair right in front of the speakers, crawled into my lap and crashed around 11:30 PM. The boy was right behind her at 1:00 AM- never mind that their room was right above the band playing at full volume. By that time, he'd been running for 4 hours; it was no wonder he crashed so hard. They slept like rocks...until 6:30 AM. Seriously. Can't anyone catch a break around here?

They had a blast, to be sure.

These are the nights they'll remember with warm, fuzzy glows in their hearts in their adult years. I hope everyone has a safe and happy Fourth of July!
The morning comes early - there is no sacredness even in holidays. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Purple hulls are bush variety, but they do vine a little. I have some pictures of them here

  2. Sounds like such a fine time!

    I remember the block parties that used to go on while I was growing up. I think most people are too busy or too worried about liability. You're in the right place there!