Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Answering the Challenge

Erin through down a challenge today to show the mess behind the splendor of the garden. I had just done the dishes from canning salsa this morning and my heart sunk, but then I realized I did still leave mess out. See! Here are the jars and the gloves I used to chop the hot peppers. Never say I don't eventually learn my lessons. It may take 7 or 8 times, but I learn.
Here's the mess! This was the bowl I was using to put in all of the tomato skins, onion skins and pepper innards.

But here is the REAL mess. We did a low country boil on Monday night and I haven't yet washed the pots. They've been rinsed, but washing them will need the soap and the outside spigot. since they're too tall for the sink. It was just too brutally hot out there yesterday to breathe let alone wash pots. It's cloudy today, so I'll take care of it.

Well, sports fans, thats my answer to Erin's challenge. Where's your guts behind the garden glory?


  1. Awesome! I am comforted by the fact that there is indeed a mess behind every "pretty" harvest photo! You are right, it's way too HOT to be outside messing with stuff like that steamer pot! I stepped in dog poop in the garden this morning and instead of hosing my flip flops down I just threw them onto the patio to deal with later LOL, I'll spare you of that photo though :)

  2. We did a low country boil over the long weekend too. I have the same problem cleaning the pots and having to do it outside because they are so large. Good luck with the cleanup.

  3. Cripes-I thought my stock/soup pot was big---yours are huge!

  4. hA! Sue, it's a turkey fryer.

  5. I don't have any pots that big either. I was happy to get a second stock pot last year. Now when I do applesauce I have enough space for all the sauce.