Friday, November 27, 2009

Trains, Templates, The Continental, And My Father

My dad's a neat guy. He's knowledgeable about just about everything and can build, create or remodel anything you give him. He rebuilt the basement as an apartment for my sister, installing an entire kitchen and laying tile in some intricate patterns. It looks fantastic.

By profession, my dad was/is a graphic artist. He drew this train for the boy when he was born:

Yes, that's all hand drawn. Isn't it fantastic?

He's also fun-loving and does the best impression of The Continental that I've ever seen:

Ok, so he's the only loon I've ever seen dress up as The Continental, but who's counting.

So when I called him about making a template for the square foot/raised bed garden and showed him a picture of one from someone else's blog, he went ahead and made me one. It's just fantastic! I'm spatially challenged, and this willy-nilly planting I've been doing has me irritated. This is going to make things so nice and neat next year.
I think he's going to do a 16 hole one for radishes and carrots which will be equally amazing. We tossed around the idea of hinging four of them together to either fold together to use as a single square or unfold to make a 2x2 planting block. Now THAT would be awesome since most of my varieties are planted in large blocks like that.

A few weeks ago, I posted pictures of him cutting up his black radish. When I took the picture of the template, he made the comment about always being the hand model, so here he is in his full glory.

Thanks, Dad!!


  1. I love the continental! It's cool that your dad built those templates for ya, they sure will come in handy later.

  2. Hinging them together would be a great idea! Sounds like you have a great Dad. I wish I could say the same, my father is more interested in making babies with wife number two.. at age 53. No resentment issues or anything... :-)

  3. How cool! It's nice to have a dad you can rely on to do such things. I can't wait to see you putting it to good use in the garden.

    I've seen on before as well. Unfortunately I'm less handy with power tools than your dad. I'll have to come up with a ghetto version. :)

  4. What fun! did the blue radishes sprout yet?

  5. I haven't planted them, yet. I'm going to wait for spring. We're long, long overdue for a killing frost.