Thursday, November 19, 2009

The Final Word: Zipper Peas/Cream Crowder Peas

The zipper peas came out some time ago. Actually, over a month and a half, I'm thinking. I never got enough to make a dish out of, which was sad. For some reason, the ants just love sucking the sap (or whatever it is) from between the stem and the flower bud. The unopened flower bud then falls off before the pea pod has a chance to grow. On the off chance they miss a flower, they then attack the joint between the stem and the growing pod. This was a picture of the storm damaged crowder peas before I ripped them out. I planted them by the SFG spacing and they did fine, but again, I didn't get much out of them.
Here is a picture from today of one lowly crowder pea plant. Yes, this is one pea plant. It's amazing the difference when they're given their space.
However, don't get too excited. The ants found this one just as well and I never got one single pod from the plant.
Do I still love zipper peas? Yes, most certainly, but I don't think I'll be growing them again. It's just not a feasible crop for a small scale garden. Now I get to plan what's going to take its place!!
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.

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  1. Sometimes knowing what to drop and what to focus on is just plain smart gardening, rather than giving up. Enjoy your zipper peas from elsewhere!