Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanks For the Props, Peeps!

Many thanks goes out to Dan from Urban Veggie Garden Blog for the "Best Blogs Award" he passed on. Dan takes some of the most amazing photographs of his garden, harvests and all of his beautiful surroundings in Ontario. Check him out!

Like Dan, several weeks ago I was tagged by GrafixMuse's Garden Spot for an "Honest Scrap Award." She's doing great with her garden that she resurrected from disuse by a former owner of the house.
I'm thrilled and kind of tickled that people come around here to see how the corner yard is faring. Seriously, who sits around reading garden blogs.

Wait. I sit around reading garden blogs. HA!

Both awards state to pass them on to 15 or so garden blogs I keep up with, but since we run in the same circles and read much of the same blogs, I though to see if it was 'blog acceptable' to ask YOU to tell me what new garden blogs I need to keep up with. Can one ever really follow too many garden blogs?

What I look for in a garden blog:
Plenty of photographs to follow along with
A TRUE account of gardening where strengths and failures are reported
An honest sense of humor can't hurt

So leave a link to YOUR favorite garden blog, or shoot, even your own blog and I'll be happer than a dead hog in the sunshine. I'll put the list together for the next post and fulfil my obligations to the awards.

Thanks again GrafixMuse and Dan!!!


  1. Yep, I'm a fan of good pictures and funny writing. How nice for you to have an award!