Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Cole Crop Carnage

Ok, so maybe 'carnage' is too strong of a term, but it's alliterative, so it works. The cabbage in the side yard was looking fantastic. The front head is doing much, much better than the back one. I'm not thinking I can grow them front to back when the sun only travels in front of the box. I'm also realizing that one per square foot is far too little room for them. I remember looking through seed catalogues last year and seeing a miniature variety. That may be something to look into next year.
They looked great one day and the next day the leaves are turning brown from the edges in. Not all of the leaves, mostly the outer ones. I'm thinking it may just be natural and not something major that's wrong with them.

Now, there is something majorly wrong with my only remaining cauliflower plant. It was beautiful one day and completely limp the next. You can't stand the leaves or the stems up and I'm guessing by tomorrow the entire main stem will be limp as well. Rather odd, that. I'll most likely pull it just in case there's a disease or something that could spread to the broccoli that surround it.

I pulled five onions today to use as green onions in some potato and sausage soup. They smelled very good, but very strong. They'll surely flavor the soup well.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. In my garden if one of the cole crops goes limp it is root maggots. I always grow them under a row cover to avoid the issue.

    I hope your broccoli survive. Mine were taken down by the nasty things this spring. So far my fall crop seems fine.

  2. If the outer leaves of the cabbage have you concerned, just remove only the ones with problems. That's what I do. It sounds to me like there's something destroying the roots of your cauliflower.

  3. I'll be interested to see what happens when you pull that cauliflower.

    You should ask Denise about her sun project. . .

  4. I'm guessing the cauliflower has root maggot as well but I am a little late :-) Are the cauliflower plants small? Root maggot usually only affects them when they are small.