Monday, November 2, 2009

Harvest Monday

No pictures of today's harvest, but I did pull two carrots, also well formed, long, but not so thick. They were maybe a finger to a finger and a half in width, but keep in mind, I have scrawny fingers, so this isn't very big, but I was needing me some carrots. I wonder if I planted more now if they'd do anything being that we have a relatively "easy" winter. Yes, we have nights under freezing, but the days rarely stay so. Our extension service says we can plant carrots in Jan/Feb.....think it's worth a shot, especially if I keep them covered with straw? Now that I've actually found the joy of the garden carrot, I'm hooked!!

I also pulled two tiny kohlrabi, one white and one purple. I would have pulled a third white, but I think it got "watered" by the dog recently, so I left it alone. Not much I can do with two runty kohlrabi, but they needed thinning, and I can shave them with some ranch dressing....I think...

The morning comes a bit later these last few days....I wish someone would tell the children that, however.
Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. I'd try with the carrots. What do you have to lose? I would probably put them under a remay row cover. It might be just enough to keep the ground from freezing where you are. Another trick is to fill soda bottles with water and put them near the plants. If the ground is close to freezing,it can keep it defrosted. It only helps a little though.

  2. I pulled 3 carrots yesterday, and that's all I found LOL! I hope to get some sowed using the paper/glue technique one of these days, but my random carrots give my husband a reason to make fun of me!

  3. Oh yeah, give it a shot! They will probably grow slowly, but why not? They're nice and tough.

  4. Any chance at fresh carrots would be worth it. Carrot seed is cheap!