Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Yellow has been the boy's favorite color since he knew what colors were. It's not a slight infatuation; it's an obsession. Again, it's his preoccupation with the color yellow that got us gardening to begin with. He saw yellow pear tomatoes in the hardware store. Never mind that he won't eat tomatoes, nor did he ever eat these particular yellow pear ones to be exact, he was entranced by the color and so we planted them.

What can I say? The boy loves yellow; "Yellow is the sun," he proclaims. "Yellow is a happy color! Why doesn't everyone else like yellow as much as I do?" I don't argue with or blame him for loving yellow.


For yellow has now undoubtedly become my garden's favorite color as well because every blasted thing out there is as yellow as the sun now that we've had all this stinkin' rain for over a week. Everything that's not living like the concrete, house and deck has all turned green.

*sigh* Oddly enough, things still seem to be growing, especially the mushrooms, and the slugs and snails are in overdrive.

Here's the corner yard in its entirety, and then a closer look at the squash and peppers.

I have two pots of ichiban eggplants. The pot on the right has two plants in it as it was purchased as a transplant and the second plant hadn't surfaced yet and I never thinned it. It's amazing to me the difference in size of the plants. The size of the eggplants are different as well. I suppose this should be the poster child for plant spacing and root space availability.
Here are the fruits on the smaller plant. Aren't they cute!
This is the monster I pulled off the larger plant today. This one came from the plant with only one in the pot. Again, the size difference says it all.

I was looking for something to put up against the eggplant like a quarter etc. to give you an accurate idea of it's size. All I could come up with was a remote control or Elmo.

Elmo it is.
We put the eggplant in a pasta dish tonight for dinner. It wasn't too shabby.

Here is the side yard with bush cukes and purple beans. Looks like those things are a bit crowded in there, but MAN are they growing fast. What a difference a little sun makes.

Here's something I never, ever saw last year. For all of the cucumbers and hundreds of male flowers I had, I never had one blossoming female. I've got three in this bush batch already and I'm preparing to be a proud momma.
Hot peppers are doing very well. If I only knew what to do with them!
Banana peppers are doing amazingly. I've already taken one off for the man.

There doesn't seem to be much change for the forecast, so for the next week or so we're still in this rain pattern with little sun. It's amazing anything is growing at all.
When I was slug pickin' this morning, I noticed a few insects had taken the opportunity to spread their eggs all over the lava rocks between the beds. There was no way to pick all of them off or remove all of the lava rock, but I took the chance and sprinkled some insecticide on them since they're all on the ground. The eggs were small and white and others were a cream leaning to yellow. All the same size and relatively uniformly placed all over the surfaces. As much as I wonder what they are, I'm not in the gambling mood to let them hatch and see.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Your eggplants look amazing and your garden is very nice. I can't wait to harvest some eggplant, I have been craving eggplant rollatini.

  2. Elmo's one lucky puppet. That eggplant looks delicious! Everything in your garden looks great in spite of the rain. We had the same monsoon conditions here about a month ago. Now I'm wishing I'd had some rain barrels set up...

  3. Teeheehee! I love your Eggplant Elmo!

    It's good that you got rid of the eggs you found, because they're most likely slug eggs...

    Also, I hope you don't mind the link, but you can use your hot peppers in this recipe. It's reeeeally yummy. Just replace the hab's with your peppers:

  4. You're a good mom putting up with yellow. He's right-it is a sunshiney and happy color. He can come over to my house anytime!!
    (EVERY room is yellow-my hubby puts up with a yellow obsession too!)
    Your garden looks healthy.

  5. Love the elmo thing! Dang, your stuff is way ahead of mine. Take those peppers, stuff 'em in a jar - and pour vinegar (dark, not white) over them, then install lid and let sit for 2 months. Makes excellent pepper sauce!

  6. OOOH Dan! Can you give me the recipe?

    Lookma, I'd never had eggplant before and I was pleasently surprised. I didn't sautee it too much and it really tasted like a warmed cucumber.

    Momma_S, the link is fantastic! Thank you for helping me out. I don't like peppers, they smell bad, but they look so pretty!

    Sue, the boy would be in heaven, and that's putting it lightly.

    EG, when the girl wakes up from her nap, I think I'll go to the store and get something like oil and vinegar shakers and make some of your sauce for the man. Is this only for the banana peppers or can I do it for the Cayenne peppers as well? Should I wait for those to turn red or keep them green?

  7. Wow, look at your garden grow girl! You go- it all looks great! Squash looks like it may have powdery mildew on it (or it could be a glare on my computer screen)- neam oil always got rid of that when I lived up that way.

  8. Hi A_trox!! Things are coming along well, or so they seem. It's not powdery mildew, it's DE that I sprinkled a bit too heavily.

  9. I'm a Georgia gardener (first timer..but it counts) 15 minutes from Atlanta. Your garden looks amazing! When did you start your peppers. Also, in your raised bed where your monster squash plant is, what did you build your soil up with (if anything) and also when did you start your squash?

  10. Hi Kalena! The peppers were started in two waves, one right before Easter (mistake) and the other shortly thereafter. It's the ones that were planted mid April that are the largest. Still not producing, but they are larger. The soil in all the beds is a loose Mel's Mix, heavy on the compost end. Honestly, there's nothing else added. I can't rightly remember exactly when I started the squash, but I'm sure I mentioned something about it here somewhere. I do remember that I started it in pots first and then transplanted them.

    See you soon!