Thursday, May 21, 2009

Being a Kept Woman

By this time next Tuesday, I will have formally transformed myself into a kept woman. The school year will be over and I get to morph into my life as a mother full time. I know why I work. In spite of the hours at work and the multiple hours on evenings and weekends that I have to put in to grading and planning, I am a better mother when I work. So the laundry may not get done and the used sippy cups may stay in the sink for a few hours, but I have more patience with my own children and am truly grateful for the time I get to spend with them. I think I tend to forget how important each minute is during the summers when all I want is a second to myself without someone saying, "Momma!"

Last summer, I seriously considered changing my name. I wondered if them screaming "Susan!" would grate on my nerves as much, but I digress.

All in all, nothing can beat the time with the children, but there still is one greater pleasure the summers afford me. I can go to the bathroom. It's not the ability to "go" and I'm most certainly never going to be using the facilities without one or both children in there with me offering helpful instructions, but I'll be able to enter the restroom when I want. That's right sports fans. Whenever I want to go to the restroom, I can just go. There's no more waiting for bells to ring and knowing you only have 6 minutes to make that mad dash down the never ending hallway all the while worrying if the kids have found that pop quiz yet which you forgot to stash before you shoved and elbowed the kids in the previous class out of the doorway to audition for your sprinting career.

It's the small things in life. Never the less, I know perfectly well when the summer comes to an end, I'll be just as willing to hurdle students in the hallways as long as it means using the facilities by myself with no one sitting on my lap trying to pick my nose.

On to gardening, those beans...all in the back...are looking pitiful. The leaves are shriveling and then falling limp. I honestly don't know what's going on. Someone suggested leaf hoppers, but I've never seen bug-one out there yet. I'm at a loss and trying to guess if I should rip them out and start over, or just ignore it and see if the new growth can withstand whatever is going on. I'm a bit bummed; beans were the one crop I was looking forward to.

The purple beans in the back are flowering! It's amazing the difference in two hours of sunlight. It makes me wonder if the corner back yard will be able to produce anything at all. We'll have to wait and see. The point is further made by the progress of the cucumber bushes in the front and then those in the back. The size difference is absurd.

I picked that first banana pepper yesterday. It was so cute, but I still say that plant smells bad. The Ichiban eggplant is about the length of my hand. Hopefully we'll be munching on that soon enough.

The morning comes early, my friends; but I get to wear jeans and a t-shirt to work and once I get my end of the year check list done, it's rolley chair races down the hallway for me.

Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Oh dear... hope your beans survive!

    I planted a whole 4x4 of bush beans. They're just starting to poke through!!! Exciting!

    Happy Summer! My kids are out tomorrow. We're planning a trip to the zoo next week to celebrate!

  2. I hope you have more privacy in the bathroom than I. My two dogs think it's their job to accompany me, and take turns giving me "potty kisses". Bath time has actually found me lounging in a warm tub and having an overweight girl doxie land right in the middle of my naked body. She sure jumps high for a fat girl! It would be a travesty if Gibson did that to you :-O

    Sorry about the beans.

  3. So glad you get the summer off. I hear ya on the name change. My wife is thinking about it. My mother always wanted to change her name to Gertrude (not even close to her real name). Such is life as the center of the universe!

    Enjoy the time off and best of luck with your shade garden!

  4. Toni - OOOH the zoo! I think they'd like that. I just might do the same. I really want to take them to the GA aquarium, but they want you to mortgage your house to do so. :(

  5. Granny, Would you believe me if I told you Gibson HAS done that? Not to me, but to the kids. I had gone to get towels and came back to find the dog sitting in the bath right next to the kids.

  6. You know, Sinfonian, your wife and I may like to think we want the time to ourselves for the peace and quiet, but if we ever got it, all we'd be thinking about is getting back to the kids. No wonder kids grow up thinking THEY are the center, not us.

  7. Enjoy the summer break....and put a lock on the bathroom door! :)

  8. You did another wonderful job with graduation this year. Please enjoy your summer and take in every moment you have with your children. They grow up too quickly!!! and then you hear the call for "mommy" less and less. I will look forward to reading your blog during the summer months. Reading your blog has become part of my daily routine : )

  9. Thank you, SHansen! I honestly couldn't do it without you running my database and all those labels. You're fantastic.

  10. Sue, trust me, I try. The boy passes me notes under the door and the girl hangs on the door knob and gives me step by step instructions. If she's so knowledgeable of how to use the potty, I'm going to start insisting she start early!

  11. LOL! Had a great laugh about the potty! (My 3 yo insists on sitting ON my lap while I go - sigh) She starts preschool in the fall and I couldn't be happier. ;^) Yay for teachers. <3

    Sorry about your beans... I tried to look it up in one of my books but couldn't find anything that matched your description. Maybe next year try a different location in the garden and see if they do better...

  12. Ah ha, this is why my email to your school address has gone unanswered! So glad you are off for the summer now.

    You could look into the citypass for activities for the summer:

    Gives admission to aquarium, zoo, coke, cnn, fernbank

  13. Yup!! I'll check the school email tonight and get back with you.
    Thanks for the link!!