Friday, May 15, 2009

Say "So Long," Carrots.

Help me with this one. Am I more frustrated that the carrots won't grow worth a darn, or am I just bored with them and not giving them a chance? They've been in the ground since January, and I think that's about enough time to forge a lasting relationship, which we have not. They have turned into a nuisance. The squash I planted behind them is getting incredibly leggy trying to grow above them. I pulled many of them this evening and got about six ounces out of them after I cut off the tops. I wasn't so thrilled, although I was really surprised that you could smell..well.."carrot" as you pulled them out of the ground. The boy, on the other hand, is beyond excited. He's eaten six of the little doo-jobies already. Notice the emphasis on the word 'little.' Eh, we'll try them again in the fall.
I don't know if this will work, nor really what I'm going to do with it in general, but this tall thing is the bean the girl brought home from the "master gardeners' fair." Of course, according to the boy, it must be placed in the same pot as the Lima beans he brought me for Mother's Day so as one child doesn't outdo the other. What will become of them? Who knows. They could be bosom buddies or terror roommates. What to do when they start climbing? Yea, I got nothin'. We'll see how they go.

Wolverine (the venus fly trap) seems to have found himself a few good meals. I'm rather impressed with him, myself.

At first, I was only going to do pictures of the whole yard once a month, but twice a month sounds good as well. It's grown quite a bit since the first of May. Some of the beans are already climbing over a foot. The peppers are really kind of tall and I'm worried they'll bend over since this is only May and we have a long time to go in the season. So far, no flowers or anything on the ones in the garden.Lastly, this is the moment I've been waiting you see it?
The beans in hanging pots have reached the deck! They're small pots, so I'm hopeful that they won't get too rootbound and continue to grow well . In my perfect world, they'll vine around the slats of the deck. However, in my perfect world there is also always a cabana boy on call ready to provide me with that frosty beverage with a delicately placed umbrella. Wait!! I do have that. He's the man, and it's not so much a frosty beverage and umbrella so much as an iced martini and an olive. I'll take it any day. ...maybe there's hope for those beans after all.

The morning truly came early today...I had to be at the school at 4:00 AM to decorate for the senior breakfast. Hopefully tomorrow's won't be so terribly early, yet early enough to enjoy. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Ribbit, stake those peppers! In fact, it won't hurt to stake AND cage them. I use that wire fencing that comes in know, the stuff that's about a foot high and you can take the sections apart and it usually comes in white or green? You know, the kind I ran out of and need to buy so I can cage my peppers?

    The garden is looking great, and I like baby carrots. You can steam a few and toss them in with fresh peas...mmmmm, good!

  2. Once a month pictures of the garden???? Surely you jest! Weekly, I say, weekly. Some of us live for these kind of things!(green and growing things)

  3. Ok, Granny, I kind of staked them this morning. I got tomato cages, slipped them on and then wire tied them all together. I've still need to go out and get some more (I planted more than I could recollect at the time). I haven't had good luck with tomato cages, but hopefully with them tied together it will make a stronger system.

  4. Sue, Maybe I'll try every other week. I'm afraid things will look too similar and I'll bore people. We'll see how things grow now that the weather has warmed up.

  5. Yeah, those peppers will definiltely fall over, if not supported by something. I have cages around 3, and will likely use stakes for the others.

  6. Ribbit, that's what I did with mine that are in pots, stakes and tomato cages. You'd be surprised how heavy they can get with peppers, I had a couple of mine break badly last year, even though they were staked.

  7. You guys have more faith in the garden than I do. I just pulled three slugs and fed them to Wolverine and the garden is riddled with ants. They're crawling on everything and I'm afraid of the damage they could do.

    Remember, I'm coming off a summer of a total harvest of one zucchini and a few cherry toms. It's not going to be hard for me to surpass that, but I'm still hesitant.