Sunday, May 17, 2009

And the Oscar goes to...

anyone else, but me.

Oh my goodness what a boob you feel like when you're trying to film your garden and you fall flat on your tuchus. You'll have to wait until the second film to see that one. At least before it rained we got what was supposed to be two films, one of the back yard and one of the pots in front, but it turned out to be three.

Here in this first film Gibson and I walked around the back corner yard. I've pulled out the carrots and most of the onions, so it's looking a little bare back there. I didn't show the onion and watermelon box since one watermelon transplant died and the other looks pitiful. I have more that I've started from seed, but the slug I chased through the garden last night moved faster than they are growing. The mint is sprawling which is neat, but I really think the okra, toms and beans are going to suffer from only 5 hours or so of sun,but we'll see how it works out. Some of the peppers have been caged, but I still need more. The squash/zucchini is looking nice and you can see the start of flowers if you get close, something I didn't do in this film. I'm using my camera to do these, but in video mode you can't zoom in or out.

In this film I started from the overstuffed side box and went up to where the pots are on the front walk. I didn't talk about them, but you can see the soybeans in small pots to the right of the white pot. They just don't seem to be growing either. They look rather odd in my opinion because they're not sprouting many leaves. I tried to get on the ground to see the banana peppers, but wound up on the ground a bit harder than I had intended to, which qualifies itself more as falling than sitting.

I got up almost as gracefully as I landed, went back around the house, up the deck stairs and into the house when I turned around and realized Gibson wasn't behind me. I went back to the front of the house and Biggie (the girl's name for him) was just pitifully standing by the front door. The man says he's not the sharpest tool in the shed. I say he's a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic or a taco short of a combo plate, but he is a really good dog.

That's it for us now, and I know it's still afternoon when I post this, but the morning will still come early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. OMGosh, I just LOVE Gibson. I think he must be Otto's long lost brother...and the intelligence (lack of) runs in the family! Otter did find his way out of the garden this morning. Not through the gate I was holding open for him, but all the way down at the other end where I had pulled the wire back a bit. That was smart, I couldn't get to him fast enough to boot him in the butt.

    I'm not going to feel sorry for you and your carrots any more, as the rest of your garden puts mine to shame. Those peppers and tomatoes and eggplant are unreal, and my bean leaves are all full of holes and my beets have leaf miner tunnels all through the leaves. My potted peppers got wind and sun burned and the birds ate my peas. I don't have any pretty eggplant, 'cause I don't think I'd like to eat them.

    Guess I'll have to give in and do a video to show the will make you feel so much better. I hope I don't fall on my rear end (snicker/snort).


  2. Ahhh, Grasshopper...this is the art of cinematography. I didn't get close enough to show you the holes in the cucumber and pepper leaves or the shriveling and puckering of the bean leaves or the ants crawling over everything or the 7, count them, 7 slugs I picked off this evening.

    Things look okay...for now. Soon as the heat and bugs hit, I'm a gonner. Remember, during last summer I only got one squash and a hand full of cherry toms out of everything. I'm hopefuly, but cautiously so.

    Waters-deep, good to see you. If your 'awww' was for the dog, next time I'll film him when there's a balloon in the house or we've got the ceiling fan on. Dog won't come downstairs or hunkers down and shakes like a leaf. It's entertainment like you'll never get from a coffee table book. Hope you come back soon!

  3. Oh, that wasn't much of a fall. The garden is looking real good, and is much farther along than mine. Your dog is beautiful, but as you say....he doesn't mind very well. I've spent countless hours with Jude, that's why she is so easy to control. BTW....I shot another video of her, and will show it this next week..

  4. Wow, your peppers look fantastic-what on earth are you feeding it???

  5. EG, Gibson will mind fine when it comes to staying in the yard or not barking or not chasing a cat..he just honestly dosen't understand that there's a front door and a back door to the house.

    Things are looking good, but that's only becaue I gambled and put things out too early. I almost lost it all, remember.

    Sue, honestly, the only thing in those pots is el-cheapo potting soil. I gave them a shot of MG last week, so that may have helped. In the beds in back you've got MMix, heavy on the compost.