Saturday, May 2, 2009

Reflections and Realizations

I could do my best Sally Field impersonation right about now, but I'd alienate any past readers and certainly discourage any new ones from continuing. Granny, from Annie's Kitchen Garden ( has gifted me with the nicest blogging award which I put on the side here. It's rather significant to me because it was from reading Granny's blog that I found out what blogging was all about; yes, I'm late to the embracing technology game. My students are still shocked that all my cell phone does is dial numbers which apparently puts me in the category of those still unable to program a VCR. I came upon Granny's blog and was inspired. She encouraged me along through my fall garden and I try to emulate her in my blog.
Thank you, Granny.

Today is the first day I've been home during the day to actually see the length of daylight I have left after the nefarious oak tree has filled out. It is worse than I thought. I've been cut from 6.5 hours to just around 5. This is going to seriously inhibit my attempts to grow most of anything back there and it's my largest bed with the trellis. I could have sworn that the sun was there longer, but obviously I was mistaken. Lesson learned build any new beds during the summer. I'm disappointed because this is where I've put my beans, all my cucumbers and my okra. I think the beans may do okay, but the cucumbers and okra will suffer.

The rain that fell yesterday and should continue through the weekend is much needed, but it also inhibits any pictures in this post. The pots all in the front are amazing. The black radishes in the back are really looking good as well. I pulled the broccoli out of the SFG this afternoon. It wasn't as bad as I thought. I brought the shovel, intending to sever the roots along the square, but started off just ripping the ones out only bordered by the other broccoli. When I realized how small the root ball was that came with it, I pulled out the ones near the peppers with no problems. Tomorrow I'll try to get a break in the rain and transplant my squash that I have in small containers. I'm trying to think if I want to try some SBwatermelon as well. I have a small box they could fit in and then merge in with the cantaloupe. I'm going to also try to start some soybeans in the new hole left by the broccoli over by the peppers.

OOOhh!!! My SSPeas in the front, besides being totally brown and a pale green have sent out flowers. I may just get two or three pods out of it after all.

I'm obviously going to have to rethink my garden plan now that I know for sure how much sun is lost in the SFG. Any idea what I could plant that would get the strong sun for only 5 or so hours a day? I'm afraid I'm going to be terribly limited.


  1. Ribbit, I grow tomatoes and cucumbers in my west garden, which is shaded by either the house or the neighbor's fence for most of the day. The tomatoes my be a tad later than those in the sun, but they also don't suffer from blossom drop during the hot part of the summer. The bush cucumbers do beautifully there, in large pots (bush cukes still need a long stake to be tied to, they aren't exactly bushy). Of course, your shadiest areas would be best for the cool crops. You might get an extended season with a summercrisp type of lettuce, and I wouldn't hesitate to try carrots, beets or onions there, either. I really don't think you'll have too many problems as long as you get that five hours of sun a day.

    And thank you for the wonderful tribute! I'm afraid I might have a problem living up to your praises ;-)


  2. Honestly, I think you'll be ok. The okra is the only thing I'd be concerned about.

  3. Worst comes to worst, you could always climb up there and prune out some of the branches to get more sun...