Wednesday, May 13, 2009

So call me a blog-hog

I totally know this is two blog entries in under three hours, and this one is totally gardening unrelated - something I'd promised myself not to do - but Granny over at Annie's Kitchen Garden just posted the most adorable rendition of her grandaughter singing the Barney theme song in response to my previous post. What a doll. She's right. They grow up too fast. I am ashamed to say I look forward to them being sick. When they're sick, they let me hold them and kiss on them. Give me a low fever any day. When I went to register the boy for Kindergarten, there was a sign that said "Class of 2022." I tried to stifle the thought of how optimistic that was now-days, but it made me realize they will be grown all too soon.

I figured I'd post my response to her here because I realized as I was posting it I was relieving more frustration that the garden couldn't provide...I suppose that's where gardening friends come into play.

Thank you Granny. More than you'll ever know (which is an acceptable sentence fragment since I understand I just posted I was an English teacher and I fully expect the grammar attacks to begin).

Here is my response to her, which is understandably WAY too long for a "comment," but oh well:

Granny, I'm bustin' a gut. The boy saw your film and wants to know when "the real Barney will come to our house" because obviously the girl singing that adorable song is the real Barney.

[Our] girl thinks the song is sung "we're a sleepy family". Barney is a new phase with her, but I'm okay with that because she kisses and hugs us which she's too busy to do otherwise.

Her first love is Elmo (Elmo must die).

Why is it that when Zoe talks to a rock, Elmo is indignant and rolls his eyes at her, yet he feels totally justified in talking to that fish of his? That, and Elmo must think he's Bob Dole, speaking in the third person like he does.

Speaking of, she brought Elmo into the bath with her tonight unbeknownst to would have thought someone had done shot her dog the way she wailed.

Dora is bossy. (do this, say that, jump up and down..WHAT IF I DON'T WANT TO!!!!)

Joe from "Blue's Clues" is an idiot...THE CLUE IS RIGHT THERE!!!!!

Franklin should know that his insignificant shell doesn't offer him any protection against Fox.

Curious George teaches kids to disobey their parents.

I don't need my kids influenced by a hyperactive sea urchin (Sponge Bob -- although I understand sponges aren't sea urchins).

And this afternoon, while I was administering a final exam and three students interrupted my class and then had the nerve to roll their eyes and suck their teeth at me when I told them to go away, I found myself singing children's songs (Sandra Boynton's "Dog Train" to be exact) to calm myself down.

I need therapy. That, or vodka. Lots and lots of vodka.

God love you, Granny. Thank you for providing the support I needed today. And I say that with the full understanding that you won't change anyone's grade because "God will bless you and your children for it" (see previous post).

The morning comes early. Thank God for a new day.


  1. Awww....big smooches on ya, Teach!


  2. HA! Little do you know, Granny, that I worked part time at a Harley Davidson shop after work for four years and my "name" they assigned me, for everyone needs a name, was "Teach".

  3. Yikes, my 5 year old is starting kindergarten as well. '22 huh? I was 90, wow, I'm old. hehe.

  4. I was '93; now the kids I teach were born in '93. Puts things into perspective, doesn't it.

  5. Oh gee’s, now I have to worry about an English teacher reading my journal. I hope you can figure out what I am trying to say.


  6. John, the way we write for pleasure is not how we write for professional purposes. I promise to put my red pen away.