Friday, May 8, 2009

Mr. Pea, I presume...

I'm not watering for another three months, at least.

I'm amazed at how well the SFG kept up with the constant barrage of water. You never saw puddling or much of a disturbance of the soil. The ants, however, are another story. The little tiny red ants have found the soil. I'm half convinced that if I dug up a section of the beds I'd realize the whole thing was one big ant mound. They're crawling on the boxes, around and in the soil and worst of all, climbing on the fledgling plants. So far I can't tell if they're doing any damage.

I would not have thought after how many fierce storms we've had and a week without sun that the garden would have done much of anything this week. How very wrong I was. Just take a look at this and compare it with the pictures below taken last week.

Okra in a pot WAY too small.
Bush tom

Inside that bush tom
I didn't know eggplant flowers were so beautiful!
Pepper plants in pots
Side bed of bush beans, radishes and cucumbers

And here is what it's really all about:
Mr. Pea, I presume?
I don't know if I'm more happy that I didn't rip out the plants a month ago or if I'm frustrated that they took since January to bloom. Needless to say, I'm very, very anxious to get a few pods out of them. The plants have got to go in a few weeks to make room for something else. They've bought themselves a little time since I can't decide what to plant in the pot. I might stick some more okra in it. I still have several seedlings that need repotting, but I may be looking for something more exciting for that pot....Any ideas?
The morning comes early...even on a weekend. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Wow! your peppers are growing really well. More rain today here, too...The only thing that has experienced problems is the zucchini.

  2. I have severe pepper envy!

  3. HA!! Gum, keep in mind that last year my plants all LOOKED fantastic, but didn't fruit but one zucchini. Hold on to your envy until I actually get something out of it. :)

    EG, they say the rest of this week will be full of rain as well. It's such a catch 22.

  4. Wow that eggplant flower is very pretty. I've never grown one because I've got texture issues with that veggie, but I just might have to purely for aesthetics.