Monday, July 29, 2013

Winding Down and Gearing Up

As summers go, this one was pretty spectacular.  Usually I'm ready to go back to school within just a week or two of vacation, but this year the kids were easy to entertain and the weather was rainy, but fantastic for gardening and for keeping the heat away. 

Usually the summer gets so long and drawn out that I have to look for something to keep me occupied and it usually presents itself as a craft project of sorts.  Keychains for a Cause came out of one summer's boredom and a neighbor's request for one keychain.  It's still going strong and we've raised thousands of dollars for Relay for Life since then.  Granny, I actually think you were the first customer!  I really need to send you some new ones.  So much nicer than what I started with.

Anyway, when I bought my card catalogs mid summer, one of them needed a top, so I cut up a bunch of my favorite classic novels and made this and the necklaces below it.  One of my friends is a very popular independent and self published author.  She saw them and asked that I make some for her to use as giveaways for her newest novel - which BTW, now has over 300 positive reviews on Amazon.  Woohoo!  I started off with the small glass, but then moved to a larger size which I like better.

When I posted them for her, another woman emailed and asked if I'd make her one from the poem she wrote on the passing of her husband, so I did:
 Another woman contacted me and asked me to do one from the cover art of one of her novels.....
And a project was born - The Captured Word.  Anyone write poetry or short stores or the like and would like for me to make you a necklace?  You can email it to me in the font and margins you want and I'll hook you up.  I need more examples for my page so it's an excellent trade off and a great way to celebrate your accomplishments.  If you know anyone who may be interested, send them my way as well.  I've got five that I'd like to make and give away.

The morning comes early - and it really will come tomorrow as we all go back to school for pre planning.  Sweet gardening and necklace making dreams.

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  1. I will say, the keychains are wonderful! I'm still using my favorite, with the doggy bones, and wouldn't be without it. Whether it's hanging on a hook in the kitchen, looped around my wrist, or in the depths of my purse, I can always find my keys now. I love it. I gave all the others away as gifts, now I wish I had them back, LOL!