Saturday, July 6, 2013

An Unwavering, Steadfast Resolution

In my last post, I lamented the loss of all of my tomato plants.  There was nothing to do except pull the useless plants and their woppy toms, discard the plants, pickle the toms and make better use of the box. 
Then, the man comes in yesterday to see three of the larger green toms sitting on the counter.
"What do you think about making some fried green tomato BLTs?" he asks.
I'd never tasted or even tried to make a fried green tomato anything, but I was game.  I went to the store and found the perfect bread, drizzled it with olive oil and some cracked black pepper, toasted it, slathered it in mayo, and fried up those suckers like a Food Network pro and served them to the man and the two gentlemen helping us finish the basement with roasted garden potatoes and a garden cucumber and cherry tomato (sun gold - my favorite!) salad.   

Oh my goodness were they good!!!  I'm never letting another tomato ripen on the vine again.  These were outstanding. Why didn't I ever try this before?  I KNEW I contaminated that soil on purpose.  ;)

The morning comes early - even though during summer it does come decidedly later.  Sweet green tomato lovin' dreams.


  1. I won't even comment on how I hate fried green tomatoes. I'm nicer than that ;-)

  2. You do realize how un-American that is, right, Granny?