Saturday, April 2, 2011

Harvest Monday!

This year I'm going to weigh everything I get from the garden. I did it the first year but I didn't last year and I constantly wondered how much I got from the garden. This year I'm certainly weighing.

I've slowly been taking things from the garden to cook with again. This soup we made the other night had zucchini from last year's garden and oregano, basil and onions from this year's garden. It was good!

Then, I had enough goodness out in the garden to make two great big salads for the man and me - minus the tomatoes, of course. Those are store bought.

So, in conclusion, I've been harvesting and harvesting and harvesting from the garden for a few weeks now. And haven't weighed a thing. ;)

Things are still plodding along on the Keychains for a Cause end. Now it turns out most of the keychains we're doing are custom orders which doesn't hurt my feelings. I've also got class of 2011 ribbon coming in soon which makes me smile.

In case you missed the post yesterday, one of the man's bands spent the day in the recording studio this weekend. This is just raw film of one of the songs they put on tape. Rather catchy if you ask me.


  1. The soup and salad looks delicious! Nice to see harvests starting to pick up in different growing regions.

  2. Soup and salad? Your harvests are going great! I have salad envy... :)

  3. lol sometimes I have to haul things out of the fridge and weigh them because I forgot. And then there are the things that never get weighed. I have gotten into the habit - most of the time.

    Oh the soup looks good. I've barely used up any of my zucchini. I ought to make a ton of zucchini bread and freeze it. I can take it with me whenever I go somewhere. I'm not sure the nickname "zucchini lady" would make me happy though.