Friday, July 31, 2009

Garden Blogger's Death Day: Cucumber Carnage

It's the last day of the month so you know what that means!! It's Garden Blogger's Death Day! It's when we can say I tried, but it died, and not feel poorly about it or ourselves.

Here you go sports fans. Steel yourselves, for I present you cucumber carnage with a side of beans and tomatoes. AAAAAHHHH!!!!! Oh the humanity! My eyes, my eyes!!!

I wound up just clipping off the entire trellis instead of attempting to unwind every last cucumber vine. I think the cost of new trellising would go under the "sanity expense" line in the checkbook. I've set them out in the yard to wither so it's easier to get them in a garbage bag (no compost pile here), but the rain has kept them from totally withering and now they're heavy and yucky. Hopefully it will dry out this weekend and I can bag them up then.

The lavender is a loss as well. Seems like the constant rain didn't agree with it. "Oh, look," you say, "it's in a pot. You could have just brought it inside." Could have. Didn't. Now it's dead. However, it is giving off a lovely cinnamon like scent which is nice.

Lastly, the tomatoes in pots are all done for. Every last tomato has BER and the leaves are chewed to bits. They'll be making an exit this weekend.I don't think I'll try tomatoes in pots again. The only thing that's done very well in pots has been my banana peppers. I'm most likely going to do more of these next year, but that may be the only ones I do which is a bit counterproductive because I don't even eat them. I'm most likely going to move two of the blueberry bushes to the larger containers that the tomatoes were in and I'll find something to do with the other pots.

No tears for me on this death day. We're making room for the fall crops. Woohoo!!!

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Ribbit, you are just too funny. Only you (well, and maybe Annies Granny) could make dead cucumbers and tomatoes sound hilarious. Love your attitude. And lucky you-another round of gardening ahead. Me? Well, I'm STILL WAITING for summer.....................

  2. My potatoes are all chewed up as well, been a good year for bugs. I noticed my cucumbers are just starting to get mildew on the lower leaves, I hope they hold on. Cheers to GBDD!

  3. Sue, I'd be happy to share my summer with you, but you wouldn't want it! Hubby's weather gadget said 108 about 1 pm. Haven't looked since, too discouraging...

    Ribbit, I think my cukes are going to be right behind yours. They keep blooming, but nary a cuke to be found on the vines.

  4. Ribbit - my favorite part of your post was when you said something like "I know what you're saying. It's in a pot. Could have brought it in. Didn't." LOL. I see something in a pot and think...ohhhh....the extra work... the remembering to move it...the double-checking the soil... ohhhhh noooooo. I'm glad you're preparing for the Fall crop already. That's on my list of things to do soon. I'm not sure if we can plant in August though. Must look that up in the FL gardening book today. Thanks so much for participating in GBDD!

  5. Oh the horror.... but I'm with you. My crops in pots flop (OK I confess to hearing way too much Dr. Seuss recently). They require way too much attention. Next year no pots - well except the rosemary. I can ignore it in a pot.