Saturday, March 6, 2010


It was the most beautiful day today. Temperatures were in the high 50's, the wind was light and the sun was strong. Just fantastic for being outside. The tiny cabbage and lettuce seedlings I'm growing for my neighbors came outside for some sunbathing and so did my little tomato plants. That one in the picture from the other day was so tall and long when I got home yesterday. I immediately put them all under the lights in the basement. It may be too cold for the others to germinate down there, so I put them outside today as well with their little greenhouse thingie on. I vented it and man, it still got mighty warm in there. Hopefully with the good temperatures expected over the next few days I'll get the rest of them to germinate. I'm hopeful!

Radishes are peaking their heads out everywhere and I'm eager to see some little carrot frills, but nothing yet. The neighborhood came out of hiding and we let the kids run nutso-psycho all over the place and mine just turned their bath water red with the dirt still on their bodies.

A good day was had by all.
The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Sounds like all of North America had a nice day today!

  2. Yes, it was indeed a great day...even for us New Englanders. I can't wait for more days like this.

  3. It was a beautiful day here, too. I even got a little bit sunburned from working outside all day. I hope your tomatoes germinate soon.

  4. Lovely...but your dog looks dead :-O


    What a cute verification word...dodityp (doe-ditty-pee!)

  5. Beautiful day here, too. Long bike ride with just one kid, harvesting, transplanting, everything.

  6. LOL - I came on here to say what Granny wrote - your dog looks dead in the pic - LOLOL. How 'bout some more pics of the dog? Is it a boy or a girl? What's the dog's backstory?

    Gorgeous day here today too! 70s and breezy

  7. He's a tomato eating, seedling chomping, dirt digging, nefarious Great Dane. His name is Gibson.

    The greatest Dane's name in the world is the Prince of the Danes, Hamlet. That's corny. Who played Hamlet? Mel GIBSON

    The man wanted to name him Martini. I said no. What's a martini with an onion? A GIBSON!

    Actually, he came with the name when we got him, but he would most likely have wound up with it anyway.

  8. Really? You have a beautiful great dane named, Gibson?!? How wonderful to know this! LOL!

    He looks absolutely satisfied sunning himself in the soft leaves. No he doesn't look "dead" to me, but we often refer to our lab, Bradie as the "dead dog in the driveway" as she does the same thing when the sun is warm like it was for us this weekend also. We reached temperatures in the low 50s which is crazy for Maine in early March. We will gladly accept it though.

  9. Awe, look at happy dog. I am glad you all had a warm sunny day as well!