Saturday, December 1, 2012

Glory, Glory to 'ole Georgia!

It's game day, sports fans!  Don't get me wrong, I'm not disillusioned enough to think that we'll actually pull off a win today, but the excitement is enough for me. 
The boy came up to me this morning and said:
Boy: Mom, we are watching the game this afternoon, right?
Me (screwing with him): It's a possibility.
Boy: What exactly do you mean by 'It's a possibility?'  You do understand that this is the most important game of my life, right?
Start 'em young.  Raise 'em right.  ;)  He's outside now in his old H. Walker 'uniform' running around like a nut case.  I threw the football with him for a while, but he doesn't so much care for playing with me because whereas he can catch everything I throw, I apparently do not put forth enough effort to catching his balls.  I, however, maintain that the ball must be thrown within a 50 foot radius of me in order to be considered worthy of shagging.
Even the girl got into the action.  She's so much fun to watch football with.  For some crazy reason she can pick up the whole field with those little eyes and catch penalties before the refs throw flags.  In a game earlier this year, we're all sitting on the couch and she yells, "Holding! You can't do that!"  The man and I look at each other like she's nuts, the flag is thrown,'s holding.  Crazy.
It's been since my freshman year in college since I've been to a Georgia game, but this year my sister-in-law's friend, who has season tickets, went into labor and couldn't use theirs.  Woot!  Game on!  It was just so awesome to be part of the crowd again, and the day was just beautiful.
 Here we are, living the life.  The kid behind us was hysterical.  I must say, we had an absolute blast.
That all being said, we're exactly an hour away from game time and I've got to go get a shower and into my gear.  I'm not saying we'll win, but if the Dawgs bring their game, this should be exciting to watch. 

The morning comes early.  Sweet gardening dreams....if you commit to the G. 

UPDATE:  The girl's telling us to take our places and get ready and I just found the boy in all of his glory.
He's committed, for sure.    ;)


  1. Trying not to think about NCAA football after my Number 1 ranked KSU lost to of all teams Baylor. Do you buy into the Sports Illustrated curse where if you get on the cover that next week you choke. And Klein lost the Heisman. Just tragic.

  2. Oh, EG. It just kills me. The boy is here crying like someone done shot his dog.

    I'll tell you what. We may have lost, but we were not beat. Man! What a game.

  3. The KSU game was hard won! I couldn't believe it. I'm not so much a buyer into the curse, but it's compelling for sure. However, when you play in the SEC, it's any given day that someone that you least expect is going to jump up and bite you in the rear. Did you see how Vanderbilt played this year? They're supposed to be the whippin' boy of the SEC. Looks like that's Kentucky and Tennessee now.

    Did you see Baylor today? Another upset. Seems like they've found their stride late in the season.