Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Round 1 - FIGHT!




I ain' even gonna lie.

Round 1 is done.  Three more to go, but none should be as bad as this.  The woman kept asking if I wanted a break.  You could tell she didn't like my answer.  I could see the shots - they were the viscosity of rubber cement - there were three full to the brim syringes.  There was a beginning and an end.  I told her it wasn't like pregnancy - a nine month unending hangover.  This was childbirth and there was an end.  An end I could see sitting on the table next to me.  Plod on, my friend.  And so she did, but I made her laugh and she pressed the plunger too hard, too fast.  Such is my life, although in hindsight it was just as terrible as the rest.

So, sports fans, it's done.  The rest of the rounds are just shots in the arm. 

Good news, this morning we caught a cat.  The wrong cat, but a cat.  The animal control called my cell around 3 and said they were at the house getting the cat.  They reset the trap and by 5 we caught the right cat.  He's in the trap caterwaling now.  I'd be pissed, too.  I can't believe it was that easy to get him.

I keep playing in my mind how grateful I am that he came after me and not one of the children.  We were all three of us standing there together.  He had his pickings.  He picked me.  Thank God.

The morning comes early, and all will be and is well.


  1. Oh, my dear, darling Ribbit....hugs, hugs and more hugs. And kisses to make it better. I love you, want to keep you around for the rest of my life, so suck it up and stay brave.

  2. I feel for you. For me it would probably be easier. I faint with shots. So I'd be out rather fast. As long as they finish with me out I'd be fine. Once a doc decided I had to wake up before he could do the shots (yes when I was young I'd faint just seeing the needle). But the others would just give it to me when I was out. I actually don't faint as much now. I've been getting allergy shots. Every dang week and two needles. But at least they are tiny little needles with easy to put in stuff. Not what you are going through.

    BTW I was thinking the same thing. At least it wasn't the kids. The very thought of my kids getting bit and having to go through it would kill me.

    I hope they can test the cat fast and it is free of rabies. Then you can quit the shots. I'm hoping for you.

  3. You have me in tears! Good indeed that it was you instead of the kids, can you imagine having to see the kids go through it, ugh. I'm glad it's over, gosh I used to have to give myself progesterone oil injections in the hip backside when I was pregnant and when I went to fast I would end up with oil all over and have to do it again LOL, such a rookie I was! Well, at least that cat is done for! :)

  4. Way to be a good sport! Glad the first round is done, and that that blasted cat was caught.

  5. Glad you caught the cat. Do you have to continue the shots if they find that he doesn't have rabies? I really hope not for you sake.

  6. So glad you caught him- but I wish it was BEFORE your shots. :-(

  7. You poor dear. I can't help but feel terrible for you. And yes, it's good none of the children got bitten. I hope you get through this soon!

  8. Thanks, guys.

    I'm humbled.

    Today is much, much, much better. The soreness is almost gone and the swelling is down quite bit.

    The worst is over. It's down hill from here. Next one is tomorrow - but that will only be a simple shot.

  9. Since these shots are so painful, I wonder why they don't just put you under anesthetic to do them? I've always wondered that....wouldn't it be easier on the patient? Heck, at least you wouldn't have to see those needles!

  10. You know, another teacher asked me that this morning. He asked why they didn't use a local anesthetic. Who knows. All I know is that I did it. I'm stronger for it, and I'm actually rather proud of myself for getting through it.

    The lady said that the last man she did had to have 6. That, I couldn't have done.

  11. Poor you. I'm so sorry, and I agree with the chorus. I'd rather go through it than watch a kid.

    Erin, you and I have something in common. With me it was heparin. Sigh.

    Hang in there, Ribbit!!