Sunday, February 5, 2012

It's Good to be Back

Boy, once someone lights a fire under my butt, everything rights itself. Today was a beautiful day. Almost 70 degrees. I couldn't believe the kids were running around in shirt sleeves and flip flops and I couldn't even get mad about it.

After they built the deck for the pool this summer, I asked them to keep the extra lumber so I could fix some of my garden beds that were falling apart. Well....that never happened. The man came upstairs one day and said, "I'll buy you more lumber." I went downstairs to find this!

It looks better when cleaned up, but the thing is amazing. He needed a work bench in the basement and got frustrated enough with a project that he just threw the boards together to make a table. He laughed and said the years of box building helped him out.

So, I don't think I am going to build any new boxes, but see what I can do with the ones I have. I have a few like this one that are just getting eaten away from the underside.

There's one on the side yard that I'm just going to let go alltogether an another that I could replace, but I think will make it one more season and then I'll fiddle with it. I'm also thinking I may or may not go get a trailer load of compost this year and instead just amend with a bag here and a bag there. When I replace the boxes on the side next year I can go crazy with the loads of compost. This year we may just try to get by.

Today I moved the second square box from the other corner yard over to the main one. We had to take the dirt out of it this winter to burry the electric lines for the pool. The box never did well over there anyway, so this may work out for the better. I decided to plant potatoes in the box to the right, so as I was digging out dirt from there, I put the dirt in the 'new' box. Then, when the potatoes start to grow, I'll put the dirt that was in the box in this one to cover up the potatoes. It's the MASH version of gardening, but hopefully it will work out well.

I'm going to try to do my cherry tomatoes in gigantic pots this year which may or may not work. I'm also going to do the same for peppers. I've never, ever had pepper success. I just don't get enough sun, so I'm hopeful that if I put them in the front yard in pots I'll have success. We'll see.

Proof that the weather has been so fine is the herb garden. The oregano has never died off and the parsley...well...anyone need some? I've got enough to spare.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. What kind of wood did you use for your beds? I used cedar on mine and since my beds are only 1 year old, I was wondering how long I can expect them to last.

  2. The one that's falling apart there in the picture is untreated pine. The others that are falling apart are one inch thick treated pine. It's the one inch thickness that's causing the boards to warp and pop screws no matter how many times I bolt them or bracket them together.

    Your cedar should last indefinetly!

  3. Cripes-your parsley is huge. I have a herd of deer up here that would love to get a hold of that!
    The snow receded enough to expose mine and they ate it all to the ground.

  4. That makes sense if it is untreated pine. I used 2 by 6 cedar because I was afraid to use pressure treated lumber. The cost was a little high, but happy in the long run. They are rough cut 2 by 6's, so they are 1.75 inches thick.

  5. Dang, now that I got you started, we probably won't be able to shut you up! ;-)

    I heart you.

    I'm just eliminating my wood beds as they rot. I didn't have a lot invested, most were from our old deck and repurposed. Nice work table! The man is pretty handy to have around, huh?

  6. I'm on the same train of thought this year, making do! We will just amend a few bags of this and that along with whatever compost we have that's ready out there in the bins. I can't even seem to get hubby around long enough for a half day of power washing the house (it's green yuck!) so I know better than to have him get a trailer load of compost, I'd have to do it all myself, you know, in all my spare time LOL...

  7. I so wonder if I should have just not done wood sides on my beds. I go back and forth. But then it rains really hard and I'm happy to have done it so it doesn't all wash away.

  8. I love it! Your blog is an incredible encouragement to grow a garden no matter the size of your yard! I'm so glad to find your blog!

    I'm very much looking forward to following your blog!

  9. It's not the treated wood; that wood is hanging in very nicely. It's the untreated I put in for my first round that's destroyed.

    Erin, don't I know it.

    Thank you, Poppy for the kind words.

  10. Ribbit,

    As a fellow Atlanta resident, I too never could get peppers to grow. Then I started growing the Cubanelle style rather than the bells. Eureka! I've had proven success with Carmen (from Johnny's), Giant Marconi (from Pinetree I think), Orangecicle (from Parks). They don't have as thick of walls as the bells. But some red/orange peppers are way better than none. And I got quite a few, not just a couple. Try it!