Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Old Man Winter Bites

I know I've got nothing to complain about. Many of you have high temperatures now that are lower than our lows at the moment, and technically, I'm not complaining; I'm stating fact.

It's down-right frigid out there. It's unnatural, I tell you. Our weather dude said this was the coldest January with the longest running cold snap in 15 years. I'm thinking that deserves a blog post in itself. It's not supposed to get above freezing until after this weekend which is just odd for GA, especially in January. February usually has a few doozie days, but this is early and fierce.

The extra garlic in the little pot has prostrate itself and is begging for mercy. Those limp tendrils echo the plight of their sisters in the corner yard. Hopefully they'll perk up once winter is over and grow enough to be harvested. It's my first go with garlic, but I'm hopeful.

The onions in the side bed are also feeling the burn. However, these are doing MUCH better than the ones I planted last year and have even fattened up quite a bit. I actually think I may get some to bulb up for me this spring. This will be a very nice treat. I need to thin a few out, but I feel a lot of soup coming our way soon, so I'll pull them for use in that.

Oddly enough, the remaining broccoli shoots that I planted willy nilly in the side yard, under the chimney so they don't get any rain and I haven't touched them with a hose or bucket, the ones I've completely ignored and said, "Eh, if they grow, they grow," are scorning Old Man Winter and enjoying their lives just fine. You know, I've almost forgotten the joy of pulling things from the garden. We got so inundated with broccoli that I'm delaying picking this last batch just a little bit longer. I wonder if I'll get the excitement back when it comes time to plant and harvest for the spring year after year. Last year I was chomping at the bit; this year I feel a bit more reserved and patient. I'm sure I will gear up as soon as the time comes to start my spring transplants in just a couple of weeks and then I'll rally as the jungle emerges. That first ripe tomato will also help out quite a bit, I imagine.

I'm thinking then, maybe this cold isn't so bad after all. Oh, it's miserable alright, but may not be a deal breaker. It provides a well needed respite and allows you to decompress and rally the troops. There's a lot to look forward to, and wonderful seed catalogues and cider to keep me warm. It's time to dig out my graph paper and begin planning in earnest. I think the planning is almost as enjoyable as the harvesting.

The morning comes early. Sweet gardening dreams.


  1. Your garlic is looking good in the bed, it should be fine, it just kind of goes dormant and picks up again in the early Spring. (I have to believe this also, since I have a bed full too!) Wow, your broccoli! You are right about the cold providing a little break - usually I am in a hurry with the seeds, etc and this year I am actually reading every page and going over my seed order several times! I have even had time to read a book this week! Getting sick of Uggs and wearing fleece jackets in the house, though!

  2. We need some cold to appreciate the warmth and light of spring, don't we? We need to hibernate to prepare ourselves for a new season. Stay warm and have sweet garden dreams!

  3. Patience is good -- your broccoli is beautiful! Keep warm. I remember hearing about your cold snap on the radio.

  4. It has been absolutely freezing here, many nights at 0f before wind chill. Burr! I posted your seeds today, they should arrive in a week or two.

  5. Sweet Dan, thanks. Your seeds should be there this week if they haven't gotten there already.

  6. Oh wow, that purple broccoli looks fantastic! Oh how I envy you right now. It must be such a joy to be able to grow all year round down there.