Sunday, September 28, 2008

Musings Thus Far

1. Sun - the only space I have for gardening gets about 5-6 hours of sun a day because it's in our back yard behind a fence and borderd in the back with a thick woodline, which is one of the reasons, besides depth, that I think my SFG isn't doing as well as my containers, but is that good enough for beans, peas and cucumbers in the intense GA summer heat?

2. Peas - Anyone know of a pea variety that grows in bushes instead of vines? Looking to maximize trellis space.

3. Trellis - Whatever I use can't be obtrusive and it's got to be something I can get at my local po-dunk Ace Hardware. It's got to be attached to the back of the box as the ground is like concrete, yet shiftable once something is in there, so it won't support a trellis in summer afternoon wind/thunder storms.

5. Since the man (husband) has agreed to let me build whatever amount of boxes I want since it goes along with the no-red clay philosophy, what obsure veggie couldn't you live without.

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