Saturday, January 10, 2009

The dogs ain' gonna make it

When I went out to lay the grid on my beds this morning, I woke up to this:
Upon closer inspection, I saw this:
and this: I realized I had let the dogs out early this morning and they did their fair share of running around. I should have realized what they were doing when they wouldn't come inside to eat breakfast. This digging is not unusually and some of you may remember the China project they dug in the back yard large enough for my child to be unable to crawl out of on his own, but SNOT BALLS!!! I had left the door open for them to come inside. I raced back in with visions akin to the ones I have when I realize they've been let in after digging in the red clay. It's been raining here two to three times a week and I just knew the malamute to be filthy with his white furry paws and face because you know he didn't stop at digging, he most certainly had to eat some for good measure. I grabbed the can of spot shot, ready to follow their manure laced bread crumb trail, and couldn't find paw prints to lead me to the culprit. As the panic began to subside I found the mastermind well enough in the front room: See the mud on him? Neither did I, even though I know him to be the orchestrator. There wasn't even a residual speck on the carpets to clean. I don't know if I'm so mad at him for digging in my beds or if I'm more impressed with the mix's ability to shed water. We've all heard it and seen it to be so with our vegetables, but here, my friends, is the ultimate proof.

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  1. Your Malamute was just beautiful! Ours is half Malamute, half Wolf - we love him very much and he does a great job watching over our animals!

    Thanks for your comment over on our blog, please check back to see our progress thru the gardening season.